Actor Sushant Singh Rajput‘s unfortunate demise on the 14th of June has resulted in a lot of debate and discussion about the nature of his death. The CBI has now been called upon to investigate the case after the request made by his loved ones and well-wishers, as well as the Bihar Government. But in the meantime, there are revelations made in the news every day about new findings in relation to the case. One such is a set of WhatsApp chats recovered by India Today TV where Sushant’s sister, Priyanka Singh, prescribed some medications for him on June 8th.

Previously, the allegations suggested that Rhea Chakraborty was administering heavy dosage of drugs to Sushant. While they are still investigating that angle, these new messages that have been unearthed suggest that his sister, Priyanka, was also aware of his condition and even prescribed medicines for his anxiety attacks. Sushant had this conversation with his sister, Priyanka Singh on the 8th of June, the day Rhea is said to have left his Bandra apartment.

In the chats, Priyanka is seen asking Sushant to take medications that are normally prescribed for anxiety, insomnia, depression, and other mental health conditions. In the chats, she says that these were prescribed by her friend who is a ‘renowned doctor’ and says she will connect him to doctors in Mumbai confidentially.

The CBI is currently questioning Rhea Chakraborty and have called her in for the fifth day in a row today.

It is important to reach out to your close friends and family or a therapist and seek help for depression, anxiety and any other mental illnesses you may be suffering from. The Government of Maharashtra, BMC, and MPower Minds 1on1 have created a free helpline to support us at this difficult time. Please call 1800-120-820050 to speak to a mental health professional.