These days we observe that a lot of creators and influencers have shown interest in being a part of music videos—aiming to showcase their diverse content and entertaining everyone on social media. One of our all-time favourite groups, Teen Tigada, the perfect trio of best friends, Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud, and Vishal Pandey, have featured in mind-blowing songs that we play and view on repeat. These songs set the bars of friendship pretty high and the bond they share compliments each other perfectly! Check them out!

Here are our fave Teen Tigada music videos:

1. Rula Ke Gaya Ishq

This music video is a super-duper hit as Teen Tigada depicts a perfect love triangle. A very emotional-yet-beautiful song that touched our hearts. If you haven’t watched it yet then go ahead and check it out!

2. Tu Bhi Royega

Bhavin, Sameeksha, and Vishal a.k.a Teen Tigada absolutely nailed this video! They have given an eye-catching performance and the track just had us sobbing by the end. Moreover, we loved how the video complimented the track so well. If you are looking for a roller-coaster of emotions, this song is for you!

3. Tumhari Yaad Ayee Hai

This is a song that perfectly highlights the lovely bond of friendship between the trio and also shows us that memories stay forever. Don’t they all look adorbs together? If you haven’t seen this music video then you are surely living under a rock!

4. Rang barse

This is a super hit and upbeat song which is all about the celebration of colours i.e. ‘Holi.‘ The music is so catchy and full of energy, that it brings us all to move and groove together. It’s been some time since this track came out but we still can’t get enough of it!

5. Mera Bhai

Bhavin and Vishal, as brothers in this song, will surely shake you up. This wonderful relationship is very heart touching and it received a lot of positive responses. We can’t stress enough on how beautiful this song is and we end us sharing this with our friends often.

6. Dil Roya Ve

This song is listed in the best emotional songs of 2020. It has received 4 million+ views on YouTube and is famous for its sensitivity and a strong feeling of passion that will sweep you off the floor. Did your heart sink yet?

7. Raanjhan Ve

This song shows sheer talent and creativity! With 265k likes on YouTube, the track is absolutely worth binging over. Sameeksha and Bhavin look so stunning together, we just can’t take our eyes off them!

8. La Ilm

Vishal really thinks out of the box! During these difficult times, he was a part of this breathtaking and spectacular song and it really touches your heart. Moreover, his acting is so seamless and can get you emotional within seconds!

9. Shaadi Arrange

We can’t stress enough on how amazing and talented Bhavin is! This song is all about the kind of love one experiences in arranged weddings. We love how this track talks about an interesting topic and the video is so visually appealing.

10. Mausam

This video released over a month back and Sameeksha and Bhavin look absolutely adorable together. The song and the music video became a viral sensation and we kept hearing it on repeat all day long!

11. Yaara

This song is one of our personal favourites. It crossed more than 3million views on YouTube. The song steers us to a beautiful journey of friendship with all smiles and gives us all the feels. It is a must-watch! Check it out on YouTube!

We are sure that Teen Tigada is truly loved by millions because of their creative talent and their pure friendship! We can’t wait to hear more songs from them. Which song out of this list was your favourite?

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