Every year usually there’s an outfit or dress that is defined as the most prominent trend or dress of the year. But with the sudden impact of the pandemic and the WFH situation, sweatshirts, bike shorts and all kinds of leisurewear reigned supreme. So it is quite extraordinary to see a frilly, whimsical, tulle dress become an obsession on the internet. Especially when we really don’t have much need for a sparkly party dress at the moment.

But on the flip side, this could also be the reason this strawberry frock has become quite an online sensation. While everything including fashion runways were shut or slowed down, there’s no stopping the trends that pop up online. TBH, I first saw this dress on The Grammys red carpet in January. While it did gain some popularity then, the past month it really exploded on the scene. I kept seeing it again and again all over my Instagram feed. Even just a quick search of the hashtag #StrawberryDress will give you thousands of results of people obsessing over the dress, including making memes and fan art. Under every image of this dress, people wanted to know where it came from and where they could get one just like it.

Keep reading to know more about the viral dress that’s all over social media:

So what is the strawberry dress?

Created by American designer Lirika Matoshi, the strawberry dress is essentially a pink tulle, midi tea dress with red sequined strawberry embellishments. It has a deep V-neckline and ruffles along the hem with a cinched waist. Looking like something out of a fairytale, it’s super feminine, frothy and aggressively cute. Originally launched in 2019, the dress had its initial claim to fame when plus-size model Tess Holiday donned it at The Grammy’s earlier this year before everything shut down. It’s currently the best-selling item from Matoshi’s collection on her website where its on sale.

The fit and cut of the dress are universally pretty and flattering on everyone. Plus it’s available in an array of sizes going up to size 18. From all the images I have seen so far, everybody, no matter their shape or size looks great in it. To be truthful, most of us don’t really need a party dress right now; where would we even wear it? But that is also the exact reason why this frock has only increased in popularity. In these uncertain times with all of us donning relaxed or leisurewear, this beautiful dress is an escape of some sorts from our daily lives. A fanciful dress that is reminiscent of special occasions where we miss dressing up and getting ready. Moreover, the frock is so cute that it is guaranteed to cheer us up during these dark times.

While it comes with a hefty price tag of $490, those who can afford it splurge on the it and treat themselves. But, those with sewing skills have recreated their own versions. Many others have incorporated their love for the dress by photoshopping celebrities in them and creating memes and fan art to enjoy and explore the fairy atheistic it gives off. Albeit it doesn’t fit everyone’s sense of style, but its something that can be still be admired from a distance. Appreciating the quirky, cute fashion, it’s one you’d want to wear out on a picnic or the park or sit at home remembering the glorious outdoors.

Also, there’s just something about the juxtaposition of the strawberry pattern on pink that calls to innocence and makes you nostalgic about your childhood. Personally, it reminds me of a sweater I had as a child, and if I wasn’t being sensible about my purchases, this would probably be in my basket already. But it’s definitely made it to the top of my wish list.

Extensions to the line

With the intense popularity of the dress, Matoshi has also come out with different variations. Now her collection includes matching face masks and a black tulle version of the dress if pink isn’t your colour. However, beware of poor quality fakes you find online that might leave you seriously disappointed.


If you are really enjoying Lirika Matoshi‘s designs and aesthetics with the frothy tulle frocks, I have even better news. She has just launched a new collection in collaboration with Disney! Inspired by the classic Cinderella story, the capsule collection consists of four different dresses that are perfect tulle confections. You can check out the collection on her website here.


Meanwhile, the strawberry dress continues to gain its admirers. Almost every image of someone wearing the dress automatically garners hundreds if not thousands of likes. As a result, making us dream of dressing up for something special, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

What do you think of this quirky yet playful strawberry dress? Let us know in the comments below.

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