The best thing about fashion is the creative freedom of expression one derives from it. It is an unbridled joy to colour outside of the lines. And even though fashion has a rule book, I would call it guidelines for people who don’t have a natural knack for it. But if fashion is your passion and you like experimenting, you’d wear just about anything with the confidence of an influencer. Even though I’ve had a fondness for fashion since I was a child there are still some things that don’t come easy to me. Layering necklaces for one is a talent I’m yet to ace. Don’t get me wrong, I have layered necklaces before but it takes me a while to arrive at a combination I like. Here in India, statement pieces are the MVPs. But I think there is a certain elegance in layering and once people catch on, this trend is likely to stay. Scroll on for a few tips on how to layer a necklace.

Here are a few easy tips to help you layer your necklaces like a fashion pro:

1) Keep in mind the neckline of your outfit.

This one is a no brainer really and frankly best styled with your creative skills. You could wear a button-down shirt and wear your necklace over the shirt and under the collar. Or simply style your layers over a polo neck top, else you could layer a plunging neckline to look more modest. The choice is yours, you just simply need to remember that a neckline is just the framework one can use to build perfectly layered necklace styles.

2) Choose different lengths and weights.

When playing with different layers you don’t want your jewellery pieces to drown out. In order to have them get noticed, start by layering 3 styles. One is a choker form that could be dainty or chunky the choice is yours. Then add the second layer that is longer and holds a pendant. And move onto the third layer which is longer and heavier. It’s best to layer with different styles of chains so you can avoid having to deal with a tangled unruly neckline.

3) Create the layered cascading effect.

Start by adding your first layer that sits closest to your collar bone and work your way down from there. You can add on as many or as little as you like. If you leave enough space between the necklaces they would all get their moment in the spotlight. Layering your necklaces in a cascading format creates more visually stimulating styling options.

4) Layer without getting your necklaces tangled.

To achieve this effortlessly all you need is a necklace connector. And if you don’t find one you can choose to play with no more than 3 chains at varying lengths. If there’s enough space in between they wouldn’t tangle up regardless. Else you can get this hassle-free style by purchasing a necklace with multiple layers. If you opt for styles with pearls, beads, gemstones it would further reduce tangling.

5) Mix metals.

While sticking to a monochromatic metal palette when playing with jewellery works well. Sometimes switching thing up by mixing metals could also elevate the look tremendously. It would add more interest to a look and help you understand that mixing metals is not taboo.

6) Learn about different neck lengths.

Different necklace lengths will allow you to play around with your layering better. Download a necklace chart for more clarity if you like. Start with your most delicate necklace closer to your face. Make sure to leave enough space in between the necklaces to avoid tangling of the jewellery.

  • 14 inches is where you would wear your choker, it’s a more edgy length.
  • 16 inches is where you’d wear your shorter necklaces with pendants or the ones with more texture. E.g. Beads, ropes, chain-link necklaces etc.
  • 19 inches is the length that would sit flush right above your cleavage.
  • 24 inches is where you would normally wear your longer necklaces.

7) Keep it bold but simple.

You might want to follow this rule if you want to wear these necklaces out in the day time. I like it best when people apply this guideline to when they go for a swim or are just chilling by the pool. Makes for perfectly aesthetic images that you can then show-off on social media. It makes sense to train the eye to move downward so I would layer my necklaces with pendant towards the end.

8) Look to social media for inspiration on how to layer your necklaces.

If you ever feel unsure about how to go about playing with styles, patterns and textures you can always look to social media for inspiration. You can find just about anything on the internet these days, so it’s definitely not lacking in oodles of inspiration as well. You can follow a few jewellery accounts that exquisitely layer necklaces to see how different people choose to layer their necklaces.

Accessories are like the very last brushstroke to your artwork. You can wear the most beautiful outfit but it will feel like something is missing if you step out sans jewellery. So take a risk and playfully explore what works with the person you are.

How will you be layering your necklaces this season? Let me know in the comments below.

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