The internet offers everyone who has access to it, a platform that can reach countless people. How one chooses to make use of the platform and the reach it offers is up to every individual. Some people use this platform to showcase their talent and content, some use it to promote their businesses whereas some use it for entertainment. There is no limit to what people can do with this platform. There are, however, some individuals who use this to take small steps towards changing the world. These are the people that use their voice and the power of the internet to spread awareness about what is happening in the world. Madan Gowri is one of these people. He uses his YouTube channel and social media to share his views on relevant topics and has a massive following. Here is all you need to know about Madan and his work.

Who is Madan Gowri?

The 27-year-old has two YouTube channels that he essentially uses to explore everything that is happening in the world around us. His content ranges from current affairs, vlogs, conspiracy theories, science, politics, religion, and much more. Madan is from South India and in his content, he explores the Tamil culture. He has over 550 million views on his channel and over 3.6 million subscribers, all thanks to Madan’s passion for what he does and his ability to communicate and engage with the audience. Madan is successfully able to explain complex matters in a simplified way that is easy to gauge. He is widely known in the South for his unconventional content that is super interesting and informative. What’s most exciting is, that Madan single-handedly produces this content, including the ideation, shoot, editing, etc, and continues to improve his quality with every video.

Madan’s journey

A couple of years ago, the Swathi Murder Case is what prompted Madan to voice is opinions through YouTube. Hearing the case of a man who was murdered in broad daylight, and being unable to do anything about it made him rather uneasy. He was pursuing higher studies in the US at the time and chose to put out an emotional video of this on YouTube. Within merely 24 hours, the video clocked 50K+ views. By the time he graduated, Madan declined a job offer in the US and returned to India.He then went on to join a tech company once he returned to India, and continued to explore ways to do what he loved. Madan started to focus on creating well researched and extremely informative content that was unbiased in nature. He was working full-time and yet, in 2017 he decided to simultaneously make a video every single day. Today this has resulted in over 1000 videos on his YouTube channel.

Madan’s personal life

Madan was born and brought up in the South of India to a lovely set of parents. With his father working at an NGO and mother working as a government employee, he has been surrounded by hardworking people. His mother’s job gave him abundant opportunity to travel and explore new places. As a result, he has a very unique take on things. He loves exploring stories from all around and has a different perspective towards situations, giving his content a real edge.

Here is what Madan has to say about his journey,

The YouTube journey has been the most unexpected one in my life. I never thought I would be watched by millions of people. The best part about this has been the fact that, I’m part of lakhs of people’s daily routine. It has been a very blessed journey so far. A very humbling one indeed. I want to expand this MG Squad, (Madan Gowri Squad) beyond South India. That’s why I started a new channel in English too. The English channel is more fun and lifestyle oriented while my Tamil channel is all serious.I am always thankful to the MG Squad that has stood by my side through my ups and downs. This love is the most valuable gift I can ever get in my lifetime.

Madan’s work and personality have garnered him so much love and support over the years. He has used this massive platform to reach out to millions of people in hopes of making as much of a difference as he can. Madan’s journey has been extremely inspiring and full of passion and we can’t wait to enjoy all the content to come!

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