In today’s day and age, Instagram is one of the most prominent platforms to showcase your talent and put yourself out there. Moreover, Instagram is home to countless influencers who are catering to a very creative audience. Blogging today is not just about writing and posting pictures, it’s about amazing photography, great content and an appealing design language. So if you wish to break the clutter and make your personal handle all about your individuality, having a visually soothing feed is something you must try! Here are a few influencers whose beautifully aesthetic Instagram feed will make you achieve zen just by scrolling through it!

Here they are:

1. Alanna Pandey

Alanna’s feed has the ability to keep you hooked to her profile for hours at a stretch. Her pictures are perfectly angled and have a subtle blend of dusky tones. Her feed is well planned and has an extremely soothing vibe to it. We can only imagine how hard it must be to maintain something so beautiful!

2. Kresha Bajaj

Kresha is an avid travel and luxury influencer! Her Instagram feed is so aesthetically appealing that you wouldn’t be able to stop looking at it. She follows a particular pattern and you will get to see vibrant hues that seamlessly blend among each other. Having a colourful feed like this without making it too loud is truly a talent!

3. Aakriti Rana

As soon as you check her profile out, you will feel like you have entered a unicorn land. Her feed is full of vibrant colours and happy vibes. However, we love how her profile instantly reminds us of a candyfloss! If you are a fan of creative photography and self-portraits, you have to check her feed out!

4. Alaviaa Jaaferi

Alaviaa’s feed is straight-up goals! It is extremely soothing to the eye and really shows her striking personality through her photos. What we absolutely love is that she experiments a lot with self-portraits as well as documents her journey and experiences through aesthetic pictures.

5. Savi & Vid a.k.a @bruisedpassports

Their Instagram feed is any travel lover’s paradise! Their beautiful shots from around the world are so stunning that you will want to pack your bags and start travelling. Moreover, we love that they keep their feed full of real candid pictures and real experiences.

6. Alaya F

We enjoy looking at her profile because all of her pictures are so different yet so well coordinated! You will see she follows a particularly bright and happy design language throughout her feed and we love the vibrancy it brings out. Moreover, she occasionally puts out her dance videos and they are mind-blowing!

7. Larissa D’sa

Larissa is an avid blogger and a fellow traveller who believes in documenting her experiences through her pictures. We are fans of her vibrant and colourful feed and especially her story highlights! On her profile, you will dominantly see blues and greens, which gives her feed a refreshing look.

8. Zoebb a.k.a @unzoendtravel

Here’s an influencer who has one of the most eye-pleasing feed! He is a travel blogger and an adventure junkie so his profile is full of stunning landscapes and mind-blowing natural visuals. After scrolling through his pictures you will realise how beautiful nature actually is!

9. Pryanca Talukdar

Pryanca’s feed is so aesthetic and well-coordinated, we just can get enough! All her pictures seamlessly blend into one another in terms of the overall visual appeal. We love how she keeps it subtle and boujee with an occasional pop of colour.

10. Shivani Singh

Shivani has a gorgeous feed and we love the dominant pastel theme throughout her profile! Her pictures are stunning and they go compliment her feed a lot. Moreover, it has a nice and breezy vibe to it.

So here’s everyone whose feed is absolutely amazing! Every time we look at their profile we can’t help but think how they maintain it so well. Have you ever tried to maintain an aesthetic for your Instagram? Tell us in comments below!

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