Rashmi Daryanani and Malini Agarwal
Rashmi Daryanani and Malini Agarwal

Dear Rashmi,Very rarely does one get to write a letter (or post a blog) like this, I don’t have children, but I imagine this is what it must feel like when you watch them soar. I met you a decade ago, (over a TWEET) and 9 years later, you are leaving the “nest”.I am sure the serendipity (and irony) of this, have not escaped you, and I hope Nowshad & Mike FINALLY admit that my hiring methods although unorthodox, are genuinely “the shit”!But it is such a bitter-sweet feeling of love, pride, and ache to be saying goodbye as you move on to your next adventure. Obviously you know this is not goodbye, who are we kidding :), Nowshad and I danced at your wedding, you’re never getting rid of us! But I just wanted to say, that I have watched you evolve and grow into such a charming, level-headed, mature, elegant, and absolutely beautiful young lady, that it honestly fills my heart. If we managed to contribute even in some small way to the person you have become today, I am incredibly proud. So here’s a little “listicle” of your time at MM in your honor!

Team MM
Team MM
  • I am proud of you for joining a company who’s hiring process was via a tweet. (What vision!)
Rashmi Daryanani's Tweet
Rashmi Daryanani’s Tweet

And slaying your tweet game with viral content over the years.

  • I am grateful to you for being part of the fam for almost a decade and celebrating all our victories big and small. (Also for dealing with offices that just barely qualified as buildings and water leakage from the floor up – what was that about btw, how does that even happen?!)
  • I am proud of you for ripping up Shahid Kapoor’s pictures when he got married.

(Remember the shrine?)

But you’ll always have this…

And this…

Which basically proves you’re winning!

*SRK I approve, in fact, all further interviews at MM to be conducted this way till further notice. The world needs more hugs and so do we!

  • I am proud of you for standing your ground about the elusive roti (a vlog that is a must-watch btw folks)
  • I am proud of you for always approaching every obstacle with fairness and maturity. (I don’t have a mature picture of us, so here’s a cute one instead.)
  • I am grateful to you for supporting every one of my ideas, always showing up with bells on and believing in me even when I did not.
  1. I am happy that your favourite version of me was always the day after a big night out! (Thank God there’s no evidence, we’ll just go with this pre-shot one instead!)
  1. I am grateful to you for humoring my “mars conspiracy/hollow earth” rants.
  2. I am forever indebted to you for helping me autograph my books! (I am thrilled that you wrote a chapter in it.) In fact you read and reread many versions of it in the process!
  1. I am impressed that you were always ahead of the curve and lamented along with me when we couldn’t get our Snapchat handle fixed! (Hahaha) Forshadowing perhaps?!
    (I am also grateful to you for teaching me the difference between “it me” and “it’s me” FML. IFO (I Feel Old – I just invented that btw. Now I feel really cool.)
  1. I am amazed at you for never giving up on the “2 min” movies just because I loved them so much.

Everyone should read this btw, it’s Andaz Apna Apna in 2mins (link: epic. https://www.missmalini.com/2011/11/03/two-minute-movie-andaz-apna-apna/)

  1. I am impressed that you always took office dress up parties as seriously as I did!

I also love that your fashion icon was Blaire Waldorf “Gossip Girl” #StillTeamChuck

  1. I am happy that you were always so excited to run Secret Santa in the office through Elfster(?), so much to learn from you Rashmi!
  1. I am so pleased at how this shoot turned out, real girls lowkey slaying the beauty quotient up in here!
  1. I will also never forget our promo shoot for Kya Scene Hai!

I did not realise the Shahid story made it to the show too! (This is also Nowshad’s favorite episode guess why?)

Kya SEEN Hai With MissMalini Episode 7

In this fun episode of Kya SEEN Hai with MissMalini, we discussed Shahid Kapoor‘s ‘thank-you‘ tweet for all the wishes his B-town friends and fans bestowed upon him for his wedding. We also discussed that after Brangelina and UpMa, Shahid and Mira are called Shira! Interesting. From #ShahidKiShaadi we went to #DeepVeer and their hush hush vacation in London to celebrate Ranveer Singh‘s birthday! Talking about Ranveer, the man paid a homage to Taher Shah, the singer of my favourite song – Eye To Eye because Hrithik Roshan asked him to. Is there anything Ranveer can’t do?

Posted by MissMalini on Sunday, 26 July 2015

  1. I will always smile thinking of our adventures to Sula Vineyard and Imagica!
  1. I am still LOLing at us for the random emo WhatsApp conversations we had about boys at all hours of the day.
  1. I am so glad you found your lobster.
  1. I will always admire your legendary flip cup skills!
  1. I love that you have witnessed every permutation and combination of Team MissMalini!
  1. And finally, I am forever grateful to you for coming into my life and making me richer for it. I am proud of you, I love you and you will always be a piece of my heart.

This list just barely scratches the surface of our 9-year epic adventure, but I hope you know I will always be your “work mom” (with all due respect to “mom”, who you have promised will be blogging for us yes?) And you will always be the GLUE.

The truth is I will love you forever my very dearest Bollywood Kapoor (that’s still your name in my phonebook btw #justsaying) And the muggles can say what they want, but there is magic beyond the moon. Thanks for always using my hashtag btw hahaha and riding the sparkly rocketship. I love you #tothemoon and back! Good luck and Godspeed.

xoxo (for old time’s sake!)Love,M