7 Influencers Whose New YouTube Channels Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Khushi Chandani , 18 Sep 2020
Ruhi Singh, Abhi and Niyu, Rishabh Chawla (Source: Abhi and Niyu | Instagram | @ruhisingh12 @rishabhchawlaaa)
Ruhi Singh, Abhi and Niyu, Rishabh Chawla (Source: Abhi and Niyu | Instagram | @ruhisingh12 @rishabhchawlaaa)

Content creation has gained massive popularity in recent years. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube offer the perfect opportunity for individuals to put out content. Influencers who built their fandom on Instagram are now taking to YouTube to create longer videos in the niche they choose. YouTube opens up a whole new world of content with a different audience. Here are some influencers who have recently started their own YouTube channels or branched out into a new channel and have already garnered a huge number of subscribers.

Here they are:

1. Abhi and Niyu

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Hey guys, Niyu here. Usually its Abhi who writes beautiful parts of our story, but today, I wanted to step in. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary on 6th May. Typical of our lives these days, we spent it completely involved in work. But good work makes Abhi happy. And when Abhi is happy, I am happy. A lot has been said about happiness because of the lockdown and as a bit of a quiet romantic, I want to chip in my 2 cents. Happiness for me is Abhi. It is the life we've sort of grown in together. When we were leaving for our honeymoon together, it was the first time Abhi was traveling to Europe and as I took him around everywhere, his wonder and happiness made me feel happy. Whether it was us exploring, or simply spending time watching crystal clear water, our honeymoon was just how it is supposed to be, dreamy. We explored new places and found a small corner together. A corner of shared memories. And as time passed, we kept creating more shared memories together. Finding new projects together, launching the 100 reasons series and actually traveling across India and making memories. And we create shared memories these days too. We snuggle, beat each other at Ludo and watch TV series together. It is more time for us to just give in to each other. More time to comfort each other, and more time to simply be content with each other. These days, we tend to place happiness on a huge pedestal. We put a 100 steps to achieve it, make plans, and generally just try to push it as far away from us as possible. But, I think happiness is as simple as a small smile. Or a laugh. As I think back on our honeymoon, the small things stand out. The small memories. Taking the wrong route, sneaking a kiss somewhere, recording ridiculous boomerangs, Abhi pushing my eclair on my nose. Us screaming on a roller coaster in Vienna. When there is no pressure of expectations, everything flows so much better. Making Abhi smile made me feel so happy inside 2 years ago. And it still does today. Perhaps that is the key to a "happy" marriage. When your partner and his smile means the most in the world. I love you, Abhi! (swipe for some really nice photos from our honeymoon)

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Without a doubt, Abhi and Niyu are one of our favourite content creators ever. We love them for everything that they do and stand for. They are an absolute joy to watch and bring a new and different perspective to everything they do. However, they have now come up with a whole new YouTube channel that is very different from their usual content. We see the two of them blow off some steam, sit back, and simply relax! They aim to keep this channel super chilled out and full of games, and we can’t wait to see them get into this space, since we’ve rarely ever seen this side of them before.

2. Ruhii Singh

Ruhii launched her YouTube channel very recently and has already received immense love for all her content. With insight into her photoshoots and her overall journey, Ruhii wants to use this platform to allow her fans to know who she truly is. She is unfiltered in nature when she puts out her content and hopes for her subscribers to become a part of her adventures in life. The model, actor, and fashionista has put herself out there for the world to meet. We already love her interactive and raw content.

3. Rishabh Chawla

Part of the popular influencer group, DamnFam, Rishabh is an extremely popular and loved influencer. With over 277 thousand followers on Instagram, Rishabh has a huge following and he has his charisma to thank for it. He recently started his own YouTube channel and by the time he posted his first video, he already hit 100k subscribers! Within 3 weeks of starting his channel, Rishabh received the Silver Play Button from YouTube! His content is super interactive and fun, don’t forget to check it out.

4. Aditya Kumar a.k.a. Addy Kumar

The amazing, Aditya Kumar, finally started his own YouTube channel, ‘Addy TV‘ and the fans are already loving it. As the only remaining member of DamnFam who was not on YouTube, we are so excited about all the content he is going to put out on the channel. It is always so amazing to get an insight into the personal lives of these influencers. In Addy’s first video itself, he shared an anecdote from an audition he once gave, so don’t forget to check out his channel.

5. Nicole Concessao

Nicole is a dancing sensation from the popular duo, Team Naach. She recently started her own YouTube channel, and we are already in love with her bubbly nature. This channel is our chance to get to know Nicole even better, and what she has to offer beyond her dance moves. Her first-ever vlog took us behind the scenes of her dance shoots at home. Nicole is a real bundle of joy and we can’t wait for more exciting content on her channel.

6. Zaid Darbar

Zaid Darbar is a fantastic dancer who entered the world of YouTube channel just a couple of months ago. Zaid is synonymous with entertainment so there is no doubt that his content is super exciting. He is extremely dynamic in nature and has already put out a variety of content. He is hilarious and is already taken the internet by a storm with his videos. Check out his YouTube channel now!

7. Proneeta Swargiary & Vijay Pattery

The beautiful, Proneeta Swargiary, started a second YouTube channel, and this one is with her SO, Vijay. ‘VLogs with Proneeta – Vijay‘, is an adorable channel of the two lovebirds and their first vlog just stole our hearts! In this vlog, they took us through their 1st Onam together in Kerala with their family and it was an absolutely beautiful thing to experience. We are really looking forward to more vlogs from them and can’t wait to go on virtual adventures with them!

Each of these new channels by the amazing influencers looks so promising, we can’t wait to see all the content they have in store for us. Every single channel is unique and exciting, perfect to keep their fans entertained!

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