The internet has become an endless ocean of content and data with people putting out their best versions for display. The debate about the impact and use of the internet has prevailed ever since it came to be. The platform offers individuals an opportunity to showcase their talents and connect people. Whilst community building is a great positive side of this, there is plenty of negativity to go around. Anxiety around physical beauty and body image has risen exponentially as a result of this. Putting yourself out there in front of the world can be a scary thing to do and it’s easy to lose yourself in all the chaos. However, there are certain individuals who are able to embrace themselves and everything about them with positivity. Shraddha Gurung is one of them. Shraddha fought all stereotypes and made an everlasting place in the hearts of thousands.

Here is her story

Who is Shraddha a.k.a LilMissGurung?

Shraddha is a 23-year-old who simply dreams to break all stereotypes and change the way ‘beauty’ is perceived. Through her channel, she tries to advocate the idea of enhancing oneself rather than ‘changing’ who you are and how you look. She tries to promote the idea of loving yourself for who you are and being comfortable in your own skin. With over 105k followers on Instagram, she puts out content on fashion, beauty, dance, travel, and her life. But one thing she is most passionate about is talking about mental health and the stigma around it. She talks about body and skin positivity in her videos to try and normalize it.

Shraddha’s background

Shraddha grew up in Delhi, where she majored in English Literature at Delhi University. It was in college itself that her passion to raise her voice about body positivity took off. She spent a large part of her college life speaking at an online community for women, and also took the time to get an understanding of the blogging world. In no time, she began working under her very own label, ‘Lil Miss Gurung‘. Sustainable makeup trends and body and skin positivity were her main focuses here. Her feed in general today radiates positivity and optimism.

We Need To Talk’

Shraddha came up with a series that she likes to call her passion project, named ‘We Need To Talk‘. In this, she focuses on voicing opinions on things that matter and are relevant. On this platform, she got some of the most loved influencers and content creators to shed light upon positivity, confidence, career goals, and lots more. Ranveer Allahbadia, Komal Pandey, Ankush Bahuguna, Himanshi, and Aanam Chashmawala have featured on the show. In no time, the series garnered over a million views, making it an extremely successful and impactful project.

Here is what she has to say about the series

The We Need To Talk series is a passion project of mine and the experience has been quite amazing. I didn’t expect people to open up with me so much and bare their souls in a video. I think I’ve personally learnt a lot from everyone’s experience and so has my audience and that’s brought me a lot of joy. That is the whole purpose, to start a conversation and let people know that not being okay is okay.

Shraddha has created a wonderful plethora of content and has a beautiful message to spread.  From featuring in top beauty influencer magazines to collaborating with various makeup and clothing brands, she has achieved great heights already. Remember, it’s important to grow and to improve. Don’t ever change yourself to meet anyone’s expectations but your own!

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