Sometimes, the minute you see a couple, you just know that they are perfect for each other! We have seen a lot of relationships but some just manage to melt our heart and one such pair is Mrunal Panchal a.k.a Mrunu and Anirudh Sharma. They are members of the popular creator group DamnFam and every time they post something together, we can’t stop gushing over it. If you are looking for your daily dose of love, these posts by them will surely have you swooning. They truly are a jodi made in heaven! Since they remind us so much of Monica & Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we thought we’d name their posts keeping that theme in mind!

Check it out:

1. The one with cute portraits and selfies

These selfies and portraits really have us gushing! They look perfect, isn’t it? Moreover, the caption is so adorable and heart-warming. Their true love for one another truly radiates so much positivity and happiness.

2. The one with them being filmy

We literally can’t stop watching this cute video! It is beautiful to the duo be so cliche and cute with each other because, why not? We strongly believe that a couple who acts filmy together stays together!

3. The one with a music video

Saying that we are excited to watch this track is a massive understatement! Ever since they launched the first look of their first-ever music video together, we are counting days for its release. The poster of ‘Tom Cruise‘ looks super promising and we are absolutely sure that their chemistry is going to blow everyone away.

4. The one with their princess

Mrunu and Anirudh are the most adorable pet parents ever! They are parents to a gorgeous golden retriever ‘Princess‘ a.k.a Princy and their pictures with her are just heart-warming. Moreover, we love how they often post pictures with Princy, making the fans a part of their life journey.

5. The one with Mrunu’s birthday post for Anirudh

How pure and beautiful is this birthday post that Mrunu shared for Anirudh? We are suckers for a cute caption and adorable pictures and this post has it all! They look like a proper family and it makes us so happy.

6. The one with all the goofiness

As popular content creators, doing multiple photoshoots is nothing new for them. However, the way they goof around and click funny pictures is everything! Them fooling around with each other makes us love the couple even more.

7. The one with their travel memories

The DamnFam team has been on multiple trips together and have clicked some amazing pictures. However, this throwback picture of Mrunu and Anirudh is giving us major feels! Oh, how amazing it would be to go back to travelling and clicking cosy pictures in the mountains, isn’t it?

8. The one with ‘expectations vs reality’

It is always so much fun to click expectation vs reality pictures, however, Mrunu and Anirudh take it to a whole new level! It is so cute to see that they don’t shy away from keeping things real. Surely, this is one of our fave pictures of them together.

9. The one with Anirudh’s appreciation post for Mrunu

Getting into a relationship is easy but sustaining it requires love and effort. We really think Mrunu and Anirudh are goals purely because they always show so much love and appreciation for each other. This video will surely have you crying about your singlehood in no time.

10. The one with them being soulmates

Here’s how it all started and that’s how they became each other’s soulmates! This post is a short video compilation of their story as a couple and their journey and experiences together. The video itself holds so much meaning and we can only imagine how much they mean to each other. Overall, they are what we call #CoupleGoals!

While we love all their posts a lot, these are our absolute favourites! We love seeing them so happy together and hope to see many more of such adorable posts. Which picture of theirs in your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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