Tom Hardy who has featured in films like Mad Max: Fury Road, Venom, The Dark Knight Rises, The Revenant among others, has now been on the headlines as the actor is reported to feature as the next James Bond. According to The Vulcan Reporter, Daniel Craig will be replaced by Tom Hardy after the former steps down from his role as James Bond in the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die.

The report suggested that Tom had been offered the iconic part of playing James Bond after a successful audition which took place in June. The publication further mentioned that an official announcement of Tom Hardy’s role was expected to be announced in November but had been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic. However, the actor has now spoken on rumours about him playing the iconic character.

During an interview with The Daily Beast, Tom was quizzed about him playing the next James Bond, to which he revealed that if he even speaks briefly about it, it’s gone. He further went on to add that– there is a saying in the fraternity of acting, and in the fellowship of his peer group, that if anyone talks about it then they are automatically out of the race. Hence, he cannot comment on the question.