5 Most Beautiful TV Friendships That Give Us Major BFF Goals

Priyam Prasad , 22 Sep 2020
Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Source: Instagram | @sherlockhgram, @breakingbad)
Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, Walter White & Jesse Pinkman (Source: Instagram | @sherlockhgram, @breakingbad)

Over the years, some of our favourite TV shows have given us some really amazing friendships and aspirational relationships. These connections have struck a chord with us. These on-screen friendships give us major friendship goals in real life. Here’s a list of 5 such dynamic TV friendships that we remember to date, much after the shows have ended. These relationships never had a romantic spark but won our hearts with way better chemistry. 

1. Cristina Yang & Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

Well, all I can say is we all need a Cristina to our Meredith. The bond between Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy is beyond words and undoubtedly the best friendship portrayed on the show. Cristina and Meredith understood each other better than their partners did, they were in the true sense each other’s soulmates. Often termed as the ‘twisted sisters’ on the show, they stood with each other through thick and thin, they always had each other’s back and rescued one another from drowning each time the other hit rock bottom. They weren’t bitchy or catty, they were fully grown successful individuals who never had to pretend before one another. Cristina and Meredith always told each other “You’re my person” and in a real sense, they were. 

2. Jesse Pinkman Walter White, Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad has often been termed as the best TV series ever made in the history of television. The Walter-Jesse connection was the heart of the show and Breaking Bad always came down to these two. Their love-hate relationship was so real that it made it extremely genuine and relatable. Their relationship was the glue that held the show together throughout. Walter and Jesse were different from each other in many ways, age included but their complex relationship was what made the show such a masterpiece. The beauty of the show was how their relationship was so authentically crafted and portrayed and had nuances that were captivating. Whenever we think of Breaking Bad, we are always going to remember Jesse and Walter and their relationship which was twisted yet beautiful, warped yet magnetic!

3. Sheldon Cooper & Penny, The Big Bang Theory

Who says a boy and a girl can’t be friends? The friendship between Sheldon and Penny on The Big Bang Theory was absolutely priceless and my personal favourite. The best part is that they were completely platonic. Sheldon played the role of a theoretical physicist at Caltech University. Sheldon was of extremely superior intellect and lacked basic and fundamental social skills. It was Penny –a girl next door and his neighbour who influenced him and helped him develop a more human personality. Over the journey of the show, they have had each other’s back and more importantly shaped each other’s lives helping them to be a better version of themselves. Their platonic bond was endearing and something we all need in our lives. 

4. Sherlock Holmes John Watson, Sherlock

This one is probably under-rated. They don’t feature in most lists but to me, the bond and friendship between Sherlock and John was so amazing that it was enviable. On the show, they were truly two peas in a pod. Also, had it not been for John, we wouldn’t have even realized that Sherlock was capable of loving someone and maintaining a fulfilling friendship. Throughout the series, together as a team, they solve mysteries that appear unsolvable, but the core and beauty of the show lie in the underlying friendship between the proficient Sherlock and his sidekick John. 

5. Joey Tribbiani Phoebe Buffay, FRIENDS

If there’s anyone who’s taught us the meaning of real friendship on FRIENDS, it was Joey. Though Joey’s relationship with everyone on the show was adorable, his with Phoebe was special. It was subtly crafted and portrayed, yet was so precious. It was beautiful how the two of them were always weird together. Their relationship was platonic, healthy, and uplifting. These two kookiest characters never hooked up on FRIENDS but their friendship was never pinned down throughout the series. 

These are my top five TV friendships that will stay etched in my heart and I’ll always root for them. These strong relationships may have had their awkward moments and their ups and downs but they always sailed through and stuck strongly with each other, come what may. These BFFs withstood the test of time and rightly so! Let us know in the comments below your favourite TV friendship ever portrayed that maybe also reminds you of your BFF.

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