Shweta Tripathi Sharma Shares A Surprise Dance Video On Rapper Husband Slow Cheeta's Track

Shubanka Sridhar , 22 Sep 2020
Shweta Tripathi & Chaitanya Sharma
Shweta Tripathi & Chaitanya Sharma

Some say it with roses, some with chocolates but Shweta Tripathi Sharma‘s way of expressing her love for her husband Chaitanya Sharma is slightly more different and oh-so-cool! Chaitanya, better known by music aficionados as Slow Cheeta, was up for a surprise recently when he saw a video of his darling wife dancing her way to his heart, flaunting some real cool hip-hop moves. With the help of her dancer friend, Sneha Singh, Shweta learnt a whole improv dance routine for Chaitanya and totally killed it!

Taking to her Instagram, Shweta posted the video and wrote:

Surprise, Surprise* @_slowcheeta_ I am your biggest fan Slow C and this song makes me feel like 👑✨
(This was a surprise so couldn’t bug you with the caption). This super dancer @snehaworld was super cute and patient. We rehearsed when Cheeta was at the gym. Styled by @purplerhapsody and hair by @hriyamarfatia (Sic.)

Have a look at the video:

Married to Chaitanya since June 2018, after a long courtship, the couple have had a fairly productive lockdown. Slow Cheeta released his three-track rap EP, he is currently awaiting to resume the shoot of his film, Maidaan. Shweta awaits the release of Mirzapur‘s season 2 on October 23rd. She is still reeling from some great performances in the Netflix film, Cargo, earlier this month and The Gone Game last month, which was shot entirely in the lockdown.

Coming back to the video, now that’s some much needed cuteness to brighten up our gloomy weekday, aint it? 

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