10 Women Share The Weirdest Superstitions They Believe In

Pooja Maheshwary , 26 Sep 2020

Do you cross your fingers when you need some extra luck? Or do you find yourself saying “touch wood” when a bad thought crosses your mind? Like it or not, superstitions are entrenched in our daily lives even if we don’t notice them. To find out how superstitious we really are, we took to Malini’s Girl Tribe and asked the ladies in the group to share the strangest superstitions they believe in. And they had a lot to share! From not walking under ladders to not washing hair on certain days of the week, scroll down to know the different beliefs people generally have!

1. Black Cats

I know it’s silly but I still feel reluctant to continue walking when a black cat crosses my path.

2. Washing Hair

I don’t believe in superstitions, I find them to be very impractical, IMHO. But, I’ve always been told by my grandmother to not wash my hair on Thursday. I’m not quite sure why, but my family does some special puja every Thursday and we can’t have non-vegetarian food either.

3. Sweeping After Sundown

We were always told to not leave a broomstick standing. Sweeping the house after sunset is a complete no-no as well!

4. Shoes

I was raised to believe there would be a fight at home if you leave shoes or flip flops with the soles facing up. And you will have a fight with the person whom you gift shoes.

5. Sneezes

We would wait before stepping outside the house if someone had just sneezed.

6. Books

I used to believe in ‘book ko pair lagega to vidya chali jaayegi‘. Don’t believe in it anymore, but I do pick it up and do a namaskar out of respect if I accidentally touch a book with my feet.

7. Direction Of Feet

We used to sit with our legs crossed and not outstretched on the floor if there were elders around as you were not supposed to show your feet to elders.

8. Passing Salt

My mother-in-law told me to not handle knives, scissors or salt to anyone directly. And if they ask for it, just put it near them.

9. Twitching Eyelid

Flickering eyes means bad news. This is 100% true. I’ve experienced it a lot of times!

10. Friday, The 13th

If the 13th day of any month falls on a Friday, then something will go wrong.

What is the strangest superstition you have heard of? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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