5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Emmy Award Winning Schitt's Creek

Pallavi Manoj , 27 Sep 2020
Still from Shitt's Creek
Still from Schitt’s Creek

Have you ever looked at someone so obscenely rich that they are completely oblivious to how the other half lives? We cannot relate. But Schitt’s Creek does a hilarious job of exploring exactly that. The show recently made history at the Emmy’s, by sweeping nine awards in the comedy category, breaking a record for the most wins in a single season for a sitcom.

Even if you might have not watched this gem, the chances are you’ve probably heard someone talk about it, or at the very least heard someone say ‘eww David!’ at the smallest inconvenience. The show is a comic gem gifted to us all the way from Canada.

Not convinced yet? The CN tower lit up in gold in honor of the show earning its well-deserved acclaim. If you are still confused,

Here are five reasons to tune in to watch this charming show:

Witty, eccentric, and ever entertaining characters

The Rose family including former video store tycoon Johnny Rose, soap opera star Moira Rose and their adult children, David and Alexis are a truly eclectic and hilarious family. The characters are brilliantly written to show the deep impact their wealth has had on their lifestyle, while also allowing their personalities to shine through. Watching them tread these new waters is fascinating and comical at the same time, giving audiences plenty of giggles while also exposing many quirks that accompany the lives of the affluent.

Representing the LGBTQ community with such pride

 Schitts Creek is a trailblazer in the way they’ve portrayed the fluidity of sexuality on the show. David Levy, who is one of the main characters, embodies the same perfectly. Over the seasons, he is involved in multiple relationships, without his sexuality or the partner’s gender being questioned. He goes on to marry a man, with full support and admiration from his family, which not only normalizes, but celebrates his sexuality. His relationship struck a nerve with many viewers of the show, making it a fan favourite.

David and Alexis’ constant bickering and subsequent support

There is no better depiction of a brother-sister dynamic than these two. While they’re constantly on each other’s last nerve, their wordless understanding of each other’s vulnerabilities and consequent unwavering gestures of love is the true essence of the family. Whether it’s Alexis calming David down enough to pass a driving test or David hugging (a truly repulsive act for him) Alexis in the face of her heartbreak, they always have each other’s back. It’s always a delight to watch them and their antics, not to forget Alexis’ iconic line, “Ew David!

The theatrics of Moira Rose

It’s hard to find words to accurately describe the enigma that Moira Rose is. Her hilarious one-liners, her endless accents, and her stunning wardrobe just begin to scratch the surface of the multitude of reasons why she’s one of TV’s most loved characters. Her chemistry with her on-screen husband, Johnny Rose, depicts impeccably the easy camaraderie and compromise that characters make in order to show their strong relationship. Moira is unabashedly authentic, mildly eccentric, and a goofball we all love to root for.

The bond the family builds

The bond forged between the central characters lies at the heart of the show and gives it the praise it is known for. The show beautifully portrays a fragmented family that comes together in the face of adversity, getting to know each other better and becoming true pillars of support for one another. The show gained immense popularity during lockdown when families found themselves in similar situations. Schitt’s Creek represents a ray of hope, depicting that you can come out of anything stronger, with enriching bonds and of course with plenty of laughs on the way!

Schitt’s Creek will also be a part of Mega Muhahaha Marathon on Comedy Central starting September 29, 9 AM onwards.

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