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It’s rightly said that ‘music is food for your soul’! Whenever we are sad, angry or demotivated, we often turn to music to calm ourselves down. We have a lot of love for music and even more love for creators who feature or create amazing songs. One such talented influencer is Tanzeel Khan, who is a part of the popular creator group called DamnFam. Apart from being a talented content creator, he is a phenomenal singer and music composer. Over the last few months, he has featured in or created some mind-blowing tracks and we literally can’t stop listening to them. If you are hoping to hear some soulful music, here are 6 songs featuring Tanzeel that you absolutely cannot miss!

Check them out:

1. Dilli Ki Ladki

Dilli Ki Ladki‘ is a very special track for Tanzeel and it’s so catchy that we are still listening to it on loop. Moreover, it released only 6 months back but has already garnered more than 8.5 million views on YouTube. The track has a really chill vibe and meaningful lyrics. It was so heartwarming to see the whole DamnFam squad get so emotional after looking at Tanzeel’s music video.

2. Umeed

In uncertain times like these, there’s only one thing that keeps us going and that is Umeed. This track has the ability to instantly uplift your mood and motivate you whenever you are feeling down. It throws light on the current situation of the world but also reassures you that we will come out of this together.

3. Maula Ya Salli (Cover)

Tanzeel created this beautiful cover for a song that he used to hear since he was 8 years old. His soulful vocals have given this track a new life and it’s giving us nothing but positive vibes. ‘Maula Ya Salli‘ is one track that holds so much meaning for many individuals and we love how Tanzeel created such a heartwarming cover for it. Trust us, it has the capacity to calm your nerves instantly!

4. Tera Naa

The stunning chemistry between Tanzeel and Ashi Khanna is off the charts! ‘Tera Naa‘ is a beautiful romantic song that featured these two DamnFam creators and they blew us all away with their acting. This track came out only two months back and it has already garnered more than 3.3 million views on YouTube, isn’t that amazing?

5. Befikar

Befikar‘ is a track starring Tanzeel and his fellow creator friend Aashna Hegde. This song is a pure depiction of carefree love, accompanied by stunning visuals throughout the video. The track is so special to all of us because he has composed this it himself and it is Aashna’s singing debut. The music video depicts a fresh love story that will hit you right in the feels!

6. Koi Aur Hai

This heart-warming song is so jam-packed with emotions that it will have you crying in no time! In this music video, Tanzeel has starred against the talented Karishma Sharma and the song is sung by the dynamic Ankit Tiwari. It has only been a few days since its release and it has already taken the internet by a storm and rightly so! We are literally hooked to it and surely you will too.

Tanzeel has proved that he is not only an amazing content creator but also a thriving singer/composer and actor. The music videos he creates or features in hits you right in the feels and have you addicted within no time, right?  Which track from the list in your favourite? We would love to know in comments below.

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