These haven’t been a pleasant few hours for all the PUBG gamers in India as this popular battle gaming app jut got banned. The Indian government has decided to ban 118 Chinese apps in India, including some popular ones like PUBG and Ludo World. This came upon as a shock to all the gamers who have literally been hooked to this game since a while now! As usual, some talented content creators have taken this news as an opportunity to create some hilarious content. We have been seeing so many creative memes and videos on it, you have to check them out too. If you are a PUBG fan, you will surely relate to all of them!

Here they are:

1. Ashish Chanchlani

Ashish was quick to jump on the meme bandwagon as soon as this new broke out. This video literally has us ROFLing because it’s so relatable. We are really wondering how are you gamers peeps holding up!

2. Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan is one of the funniest and the most talented content creator we know! He has a hilarious take on the PUBG ban and how the gamers must be feeling right now. Also how awesome are his comic sketches? We love how these influencers are finding creative ways to react to the ban.

3. Anisha Dixit

Well, maybe the gamers are sad but the parents seem to be happy with the ban, isn’t it? Anisha gave the usual meme game an interesting twist and created a video on how parents are reacting to the ban. We must say, it’s so apt! Moreover, she also created a video on how the PUBG fandom must be feeling now and that cracked us up too.

4. Be Younick

Aise kaise ekdum se? This is literally ever PUBG fan ever right now! How subtle but relatable was this picture? It’s awesome to see Be Younick’s smart, subtle but a funny take on the ban. We can’t find a more perfect picture than this!

5. Amit Bhadana

LOL, how accurate is this? Surely all PUBG fans are now on their way to the store to buy some board games since their fave gaming app is now banned. This post really had us cackling!

6. Ted The Stoner

Ted himself was an avid PUBG player and he often engaged with his fans through the game. We can clearly see how sad he and his whole gaming fanbase is! The original point of typing an ‘F’ in the chat is to pay your utmost respect to the ‘fallen’.

7. Ankush Bahuguna

It has only been a day since the ban has been announced and Ankush is representing every PUBG fan’s life accurately! Now that this popular gaming app can’t be accessed anymore, surely gamers everywhere are desperately looking for new activities to do.

8. Anmol Sachar

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner‘ is a phrase all PUBG players are aware of and Anmol just did a perfect world-play with it! Even in his post he subtly mentions how happy parents must be with this ban. He always takes us by surprise with his funny take on everything.

9. Aadil Khan

This video perfectly summarises every PUBG fan on the internet right now! While a few might be showing that they are ready to sacrifice the game for the nation but we all know they are internally going AWOL.

10. Viraj Ghelani

Viraj is the one creator who will leave you ROFLing every time you see his videos! He picks up every new trend and makes them into hilarious video memes. While most parents are happy that the game is banned, here’s Viraj (in his comic sketch) giving it an entirely new twist.

11. RJ Abhinav

Where we think creativity comes to an end, from that’s where RJ Abhinav’s starts his thought process. Here’s a video showing PUBG leaving the play store and joining WeChat and TikTok‘s gang. We can’t stop giggling over this!

12. Niharicka Singh

Here are two types of people after the PUBG ban, which one are you?

We are loving the way the internet is reacting to this. Which video out of this list was your favourite? If you are looking for some crazy reaction by the audience, head to twitter right now! The netizens will certainly crack you up.

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