If you follow any beauty accounts on Instagram, you will probably notice your favourite artists flaunting graphic eye makeup. Apart from having serious liner skills, these artists also have one more thing in common… cake eye liner!

Cake eye liners are pigmented formulas that usually come in jars. Unlike regular gel liners, these show their true power when activated by a liquid. Whilst makeup artists prefer using mixing mediums like Inglot’s Duraline, you can also opt for a setting spray or regular water.

Inglot Duraline | Source: Inglot

These liners are particularly great to use if you are opting for brush-like strokes or intricate designs. Since they dry down to a matte finish, they deliver a very chic and editorial finish. If you are keen to try them out, here are a few products that you can buy!

1. Kryolan Cake Eye Liner

This classic black is loved by people all around the globe. The intense colour and long-lasting formula make it one of the best ones to work with. You can even use a small amount to fill in your brows to get a bold and defined look.

Kryolan Cake Eye Liner | Source: Kryolan

2. Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner

If you are a fan of tightlining i.e. using pigment along your lash line, this is the product to try. Smooth and rich, these liners make your eyes pop instantly. Stick to the black or brown for a subtle effect or experiment with the blue and grey – either way, you will look fabulous.

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner | Source: Laura Mercier

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA Electric Cake Liners

These liners are perfect for those who aren’t afraid of being bright and colourful! The neon shades look striking on all complexions and can be worn in a multitude of ways. Since the formula is quite vivid and opaque, it’s ideal for when you want to make a statement.

Anastasia Beverly Hills NORVINA Electric Cake Liners | Source: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Are you going to try these liners out?

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