For those unaware, Bollywood stars and movies have an even bigger fan following outside India than it does in our country. And I’m not talking about our NRI crowd at all, people of different nationalities are enamored by our movies and are huge fans of our Bollywood actors.

Recently, Gulshan Grover, the big baddie of Bollywood narrated one such incident in a reality show he was a guest on. He talked about the time when he was visiting Morroco and wanted a visa to go sightseeing. But, the immigration officer who was a lady refused to give him a visa saying he beat up Shah Rukh Khan in a movie. Gulshan also recounted how he told her that it was just in the film and in real life SRK and he were good friends and he was like a brother to him. Gulshan and SRK have worked together in movies like Yes Boss, Raam Jaane, and Duplicate.

Gulshan ji was seen attending India’s Best Dancer along with Shakti Kapoor where he recruited this story. Nora Fatehi who is filling in for Malaika Arora hails from Morroco and agreed with Gulshan when he talked about the extent to which Morrocan people loved Bollywood and SRK.

A Twitter user posted this particular clipping of the episode as well.

Check it out: