Keeping up with the everchanging trends can be challenging for some of us. By the time you are a pro at one, another one has taken over your Instagram feed! So if you are someone who wants to experiment and have fun with fashion but are apprehensive, we are here to help. A timeless trend which never goes out of style and allows you to express yourself is mixing and matching textures. The best part about it is that it doesn’t require you to hit the stores. It can easily be done with your existing wardrobe.

Playing with textures can be considered more of a technique that will open doors to endless outfit creations. Moreover, once you nail the method, most of your concoctions will be unique, head-turning and custom to your taste. As daunting as it may sound, mixing different materials smartly will elevate your outfit that one step further. The real challenge is to get the ensemble to look cohesive and not just randomly put together.

Here are some things to keep in mind before diving in:

  • What’s the occasion: You dress according to where you’re going, so similarly a texture expresses a mood which sets your vibe. For instance, silk and lace can add elegance or make an outfit dressy. On the other side, denim and flannel are more casual and laidback. Pair your fabrics together depending on the context and maybe you can add an unexpected texture for an interesting look.
  • Neutral textures: Similar to colours, textures can be considered neutral as well. It is necessary to identify these as they can set the foundation for when you start assembling your outfit. A few basic ones are cotton, leather, suede and denim. These are more neutral, making them perfect to pair with louder or bolder textures.
  • Colour co-ordination: Don’t go too wild with your selection of hues if you’re just starting out. In this technique, the focus should be more on mixing the textures and limiting the colours. Keep your colour palette minimal with neutral or basic solid shades
  • Be playful: The most important step is to have fun with mixing and matching textures, prints, colours, you name it. It’s all about practice and you’ll get the hang of it eventually but many often forget to enjoy the process. Express yourself and be confident in your choices.

Keep scrolling ahead to check out some fun texture combinations to try out this season:

1. Sheer Lace Top + Cotton Cargos

The transparency of a sheer or mesh top makes it a fun texture to play around with and layer. The lace details on Karen Blanchard’s sheer blouse gives a very feminine feel that’s sweet and sophisticated with a bralette underneath. She’s balanced the soft upper half with a more tomboy feel on the bottom with the forest green cargo trousers and boots to match. This makes for a cool street-style look.

2. Satin Camisole + Faux Leather Skirt

Faux leather is a prominent fabric that can literally mould itself to fit any occasion. While leather jackets are the most popular and go-to options, leather bottoms like pants and skirts are quite fashionable especially in fall and winter. We love the mixing of the brown leather skirt with the lilac camisole by Riya Jain; it looks sexy yet sophisticated. The satin cami’s sleek texture makes it a perfect feminine piece for dinner or date nights. Together the leather and satin create an amazing contrast that’s also visually appealing!

3. Ribbed Knit Top + Metallic Skirt

This look by Jessica Wang is the perfect blend and mix of prints, patterns and textures that work together to bring a cohesive look. Keeping the yellow tone as the main focus here. She’s paired a ribbed knit style top with a floral, metallic jacquard skirt. Her accessories nicely play off the accent hues in her outfit. It’s a playful and vibrant look that makes a statement while being very fashionable and trendy that attracts the right kind of attention.

4. Organza Ruffle Blouse + Leather Pants

While organza and sheer mesh fabrics are always fun to play around with, ruffles have the power to liven the simplest of pieces and transform your outfits. Whimsical and hardworking, it’s also a great way to imitate texture plus they’re back in style. We love this adventurous organza ruffled piece that Blair Eadie is rocking from H&M. Going the tonal route, she has paired this top with red leather pants, matching red heels and accessories. An overall very trendy look that’s fanciful yet chic.

5. Denim Blazer + Corduroy Pants

We enjoy a good retro trend and this style is straight out of the ’70s. This menswear-inspired look from Karen Blanchard is effortless and perfect for the cold weather. A denim jacket is a signature item in everyone’s closet but this denim blazer is an interesting piece paired with a tee and corduroy trousers. Together they add subtle textures for a unique yet effortlessly stylish look perfect for more casual occasions. The large spectacles to add a finishing touch to complete the seventies inspired ensemble.

Which texture pairings would you like to wear the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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