Music is a universal language that everyone globally understands and connects with! Whatever be our mood, we always tend to resort to some kind of a song to feel better. In recent times, multiple influencers have ventured out and started featuring in music videos and we couldn’t be happier. Their mind-blowing acting and amazing on-screen chemistry always manage to blow us away. So many awesome and varied music videos came out in the month of September so here’s a list specially curated for you. We have been grooving to these tracks all month long and now it’s your turn to do the same! After listening to these songs, you’ll fall in love with these talented influencers all over again.

Check them out:

1. Sang Rahiyo

The more we listen to this song, the more we fall in love with it! ‘Sang Rahiyo‘ is absolutely perfect in every way, from the soothing vocals to some amazing visuals. The on-screen chemistry between Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps and Jasleen Royal was so heart-warming. Moreover, this song marked Ranveer’s acting debut and his acting skills have absolutely shook us! Every time we hear this track, it gives us major feels.

2. Tu Aa Jaana

This song released right after Nikhil Sharma proposed to Shanice, how adorable is that? We are already in love with their relationship and this song made us fangirl like crazy! We absolutely love how the track, as well as the music video, holds so much meaning for them and their fans. ‘Tu Aa Jaana‘ portrays pure love and we can help but get super emotional!

3. Koi Aur Hai

We have literally been hooked to this song since its release! We were blown away by Tanzeel and Karishma’s phenomenal acting and their on-screen chemistry looked so real. The music video released on YouTube only a week ago and it has already garnered more than 1.6 million views.

4. Ek Baat Hai

Ek Baat Hai‘ features the gorgeous Kate Sharma and Vishal Pandey from #TeenTigada. The song is extremely soulful and you might find yourself hooked to it in no time. Moreover, the outstanding acting and the video complimented the track so well. The music video has a very strong storyline and it managed to keep us coming back for more.

5. Matlab

If you wish to listen to a beautifully composed, emotional track, ‘Matlab‘ is your one-stop destination! The music video features the talented Bhavin Bhanushali from #TeenTigada and the stunning Aliya Hamidi. The song only released 24 hours back and has already taken the internet by storm. We can’t stop gushing over how adorable they look on-screen together and their seamless chemistry really speaks volumes. Have you checked it out yet?

6. Kangan Ve

This is a beautiful song that features the adorable Visnhupriya Nair and Abhishek Dhankash. The song has an extremely soulful yet chill vibe and the cast looks really good together. We have definitely added this track to our romantic playlist and you all should too!

Well, there you go! Here are all the songs that made our September beautiful and honestly, we still can’t stop listening to all of them. These tracks definitely made it to our daily playlist. Which one is your favourite? Tell us about it in comments below!

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