6 Things You Can Do To Help Creators Grow On Instagram

Kavisha Mody , 06 Oct 2020
Grow on Instagram (Source: 1 At Bat Media)
Grow on Instagram (Source: 1 At Bat Media)

Today, Instagram is one of the most loved platforms with over 1 billion monthly users! It has become a strong community and we spend most of our time on it. Due to this reason, content creators have realised that growing their audience on Instagram is extremely important. While all the creators are working hard on creating unique content, there are a few things you can do to help them grow and reach a wider audience. Today, on the 6th of October, Instagram has hit the milestone of completing 10 years. So, on this occasion, we decided to share with you some small practices that can help your fave influencers and bloggers grow as creators on our beloved platform. Check them out!

Here’s what you can do to help creators grow on Instagram 

1. Saving posts

Instagram has a feature of ‘saving’ the posts you like, use it to save posts of your fave content creators. Consider this feature to be like a ‘super-like’ button. The more you save their posts, the more their content will show up on your feed and potentially reach more people.

2. Share to your story

If you enjoy the content you come across, make it a point to share it on your story! This is a proven way of helping the page reach more people and in turn, getting more engagement. This is a small step but it’s highly impactful so make sure you share their videos, sketches, reels etc. on your story.

3. Comment on their posts

Getting good engagement on posts is super crucial. If you like a budding creator, help their page out by commenting on their posts and videos. Having good engagement and interactions on their posts can really help small businesses and budding creators grow on Instagram.

4. Use their hashtag

Many creators often create their own unique hashtag and use it consistently in their captions. If you wish to support them, you can also start using their unique hashtag in your stories and posts. This not only helps them build a loyal community but also shows everyone that you appreciate and support their work.

5. Attend their IG lives

You will see a lot of creators go live on Instagram regularly these days because we are in a state of lockdown. We personally love IG’s live sessions because you get to meet so many new people from different parts of the world. If you see your fave content creator go live from their handle, try and tune in for a while and interact with them. This small act might help them build their community and increase their numbers.

6. Like their posts

This might seem like a no brainer but spreading love and positivity is still important. For upcoming creators, even a single like can make all the difference. So don’t hold back and tap on the heart for every post you like! Since Instagram is one of the most loved platforms, the competition to break the clutter is becoming more and more fierce. In a scenario like this, it is always amazing to step forward and show your support towards budding creators, isn’t it?

These may seem like small steps but consistently supporting new creators through these practices can have a huge impact on their page. It will help them reach a wider audience, gain more followers and eventually grow as content creators. If you wish to make Instagram a platform that is rich with unique content, it is our responsibility to help influencers out. And also, believe in collaborating over competing, it will not only help budding creators but will also leave a positive impact on you! On the occasion of Instagram’s 10th anniversary, let’s work towards making the platform a more collaborative space.

Here’s a little bonus update for everyone:

On their 10th anniversary, Instagram has rolled out a bunch of new amazing features for their platform. Instagram has always managed to make us feel like we are a part of their large community and we love how their new features revolve around the well-being of their fellow users. We are super excited to try them out!

1. A stories map

This is an amazing new feature that helps you look back at all your fave moments! It is a private map and calendar of all the stories that you have shared in the last three years. You will be able to look at them, share, download and also add them to your highlights.

2. Hiding potentially offensive comments

We have recently seen an influx of hate comments and abuse on social media platforms, which is why we absolutely love this new feature. Instagram will automatically hide comments that are similar to the ones that have been reported before. You can tap on ‘view hidden comments’ to see them.

3. Expanding nudge warnings

This new feature is a commendable move by Instagram as it sends an additional warning to people who attempt to post an offensive comment. The idea behind this new warning is to help people take a step back and reflect on what they are typing. We love how this will help the platform become a safer space for creativity.

Well, aren’t these features simply amazing? We absolutely cannot wait to try out the stories map and live vicariously through all our previous stories! Overall, it is great to see a social media platform come forward and take initiative to stop online hate and abuse. This will surely help the platform become a more positive space for the users. Which feature was your favourite?

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