6 Makeup Hack Tutorials That You'll Want To Try, STAT!

Natasha Patel , 09 Oct 2020
Makeup Tutorial Hacks (Source: Instagram | @makeupbeautyviid & @rikkss)

Do you know what’s even better than a really great makeup look and IG selfie? A really great hack! Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have everything—from your daily dose of memes, interesting stories, news, lipsyncing, dancing, and surprisingly a lot of beauty hacks! Some of them you may have already seen on a lot of influencers (like the ‘Fox Eye’ trend) and some are really cool and interesting ways to do your look!

So, whether you’re looking for ways to simplify your contour, learn how to get an instant facelift, or just want to try out something different in the eyeliner department, these beauty videos below will get you lookinsnatched, and feeling hella‘ good about the hack to just learnt to minimise on your time!

1. Contouring & Fox Eye Tutorial

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1 or 2? Contouring & Foxy Eye tutorial 🦊 📸: @ashghotcakess _ _ Tag someone who would like this 💕 _ _ Contour: video 1 @fentybeauty match stix in “mocha” (you can also use “amber” for a cool toned look) and “bamboo” Foundation: @fentybeauty hydrating foundation (also love @makeupforever reboot foundation if you wanna go super lightweight) Blush: @fentybeauty “strawberry drip” cream blush _______ STEPS: video 2 1. Grab your favorite lashes. Wispy ones work best especially when they’re longer on the ends. I’m using @aracelibeauty “cabo” lashes. 2. Cut 1/3 of the lash off the end. Use the front piece that starts off shorter because if you use the very end instead it’ll be too long to blend with your real lashes. I love lashes but I HATE when you can feel them poking you so this is perfect and comfy. 3. Apply your lash glue. I use @kissproducts latex & formaldehyde free lash glue. It works for my sensitive eyes. 4. Let the lash glue get almost dry! I’m talking super sticky and tacky! They will stick right on with no slip and slide. 5. Place the fake lashes right above your lash line and pinch with tweezers. This will make sure they blend with your real lashes and sit comfortably. 6. Go look fly with your foxy eye 🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . #contouring #lashesfordays #foxyeyes #smokeyeye #brows #eyeliner #softglam #koreanmakeup #koreanfashion #everydaymakeup #beauty #fashion #hairstyles #makeupinspo #makeupoftheday

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2. Bold Graphic Eyeliner Tutorial

3. Shimmering Gold Shadow Tutorial

4. Easy Facelift Tutorial

5. Black & Pink Winged Liner Tutorial

6. Fuller Lashes Tutorial

Would you try any of these looks and hacks? Let me know in the comments below.

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