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When the world wide web was at its peak in the 2000s, it was relatively easy for us millennials to adapt and learn the technology. However, for our parents, it was a big transition. I am sure many of us have experienced our mums or dads asking us how to operate their new phones, create a Facebook account and even use emojis on WhatsApp. It is adorable, and we love the way they squint their eyes to see an image clearly or use a single finger to tap away on the keyboard! Even though it is not the easiest for them, they learn to be part of the trend to keep up with the rest of the world. And much to our surprise, many of them are active on Instagram! Similarly, we have discovered plenty of older fashion influencers who are slaying on the platform.

When it comes to Instagram influencers, we often think it is limited to the younger generation, particularly in the fashion category. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. The older generation has broken into the ‘gram to show off their sizzling style! There is no doubt about the classic fashion taste of mature women; we have seen our mothers own some gorgeous outfits. As a result, it is a much-needed and refreshing change to see these women steal the internet spotlight with their unique sense of style. Radiating confidence and authenticity, they stand out with their originality which is rare to find amongst the Gen Y and Z.

Impeccable style doesn’t have an age limit, and we all could use some stylish golden-agers to show us how to do so.

Have a look at these 5 fashion influencers that are 50+ that need your attention:

1) Grece Ghanem

While scrolling through Grece’s feed, you’ll observe that there is no outfit that she hasn’t nailed! Modelling all the current fashion trends, at the age of 55, she looks no different than a 30-year-old. This Montreal-based lifestyle influencer boasts over 460,000 followers on Instagram and we understand why. From high-end designer pieces to street-style fashion, you see it all. An inspiration to all women out there who think trends are only for the younger generation, it is time to reconsider. Ghanem stands out further with her unabashed confidence and daring personality. Moreover, she makes the whole process look effortless! A fine example of how age is just a number.

2) Renia Jaz

U.K.-based fashion content creator, Renia Jaz has over 95,000 followers and is followed by India’s style guru Rhea Kapoor as well. What makes Renia stand out is her exquisite taste in clothing. Each outfit is carefully put together and the sophistication in her fashion sense is evident via her pictures. She shows her followers how to assemble an everyday outfit using the lastest runway trends, without it being a copy-paste version of the designer. This touch of innovation is what we are looking for from our fashion influencers! Moreover, we love how Renia can pull of slouchy jeans, neon colours and loud accessories in addition to the elegant dresses and neutral tones.

3) Lyn Slater

Seeing a professor slay the fashion game is a different high for women empowerment. Her blog, Accidental Icon, began as a medium to communicate to women leaders who live “interesting but ordinary lives”. This perfectly caters to a demanding niche that is on the hunt for relatable people. A mix of vintage style with some modern elements is what you can find on her feed. The oversized sunglasses and red lipstick she sports give us old-school vibes as they are reminiscent of previous Céline campaign. Lyn has the New York City swag of a bold, urban aesthetic along with an avant-garde edge. We can only hope to be as fearless couple of years down the line!

4) Yasmine Furmie

Social worker and now fashion designer, South African based Yasmine is the co-founder of a shirting brand SiSi. The motto of her life and style is “Never act your age” and we couldn’t agree more! A lot can be said to describe Yasmine’s unique and out-of-the-box fashion sense. It is very rare to see a 50+ woman sporting chunky trainers and graphic tees, and do so effortlessly! The creative textiles, funky prints and layered pieces comprise the individual silhouette that makes her stand out. So if you are looking for inspiration on rocking some offbeat outfits, Yasmine is your go-to influencer!

5) Colleen Heidemann

After checking out Colleen’s Instagram game, you will wish she was your grandmother or mother. Fabulous is an understatement to describe this Los Angeles based model and Instagrammer. There is no minimalism when it comes to her style. Colleen goes all out in her clothing and make-up with vivacious glamour and energetic flair. Her aura is anything but subtle, living by her words of “now or never”. She is just the perfect example of “ageing doesn’t mean you have to pull-back on an exuberant style”. Be it colourful furs, sequin outfits or formal gowns—Colleen dons them all with utmost sass.

Whose style do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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