5 Denim Styles That Are Making A Comeback This Fall

Rishika Devnani , 13 Oct 2020
Trending Denim For Fall | (Source: Instagram | @shopredone, @madewell)
Trending Denim For Fall | (Source: Instagram | @shopredone, @madewell)

No matter how many new styles of pants emerge in the fashion world, we will always fall back on our trusty pieces of denim. They have a way of being robust and sticking with us through thick and thin(literally). So when we saw the fall/winter 2020 runway showcase denim trends, we couldn’t be happier! All we need is an excuse to bring back our favourite pair of jeans without seeming ringard. Along with the fashionable leather pieces and elaborate necklines, out came some boot-cut jeans, baggy fits and vintage tapered silhouettes. 

The icing on the cake is that none of the Fall 2020 styles include the low-waisted skinny look that we struggle to put a leg through. Most of the jean trends are of a comfortable and relaxed fit. Additionally, a bonus is how denim works with almost everything, especially the beautiful hues of magenta, green sheen and amber glow from the fall/winer 2020 palette. So styling these indigos inspired by the runways and street-style will be relatively easy. 

Scroll below to learn more about the 5 denim trends that are back for the season:

1) Wide-Leg and Flared

Groovy like the ’70s, the style of a flared leg is back again. If you are bored with the basic denim look, the wide-leg helps to add some drama to your attire. Moreover, it draws attention to your footwear so make sure you pair it up with some fab booties. Alternatively, if you prefer the cropped version as pictured below, chunky platform or wedges will lengthen your profile and keep you in line with the retro vibe. Moreover, to feel the ’70s countryside look with a flared leg, accessorise with a belt and layer with a fringed jacket.

2) Tapered Peg-Leg Denim

A bit of old-school, mom-style jeans blended with a tapered peg-leg is what we see taking over our Instagram feeds. An ideal canvas for vintage accessories; there is so much you can do to style this look. High-waist and tapered fit calls for tucking in of the blouse! Tuck in a casual t-shirt or a fitted top along with some booties which will draw attention to the tapered end. A simple and casual style, peg-legged denim tend to look good with almost everything in your closet. If you are shopping for a new pair, go for a medium to light wash that looks more trendy in this style.

3) Cropped, High-Waisted, Straight-Cut Jeans

This season, short jeans are equally in as long ones. So in our favourite go-to style of a straight-leg, the cropped look is wearable in plenty of ways. If you have an existing pair of straight-leg jeans, you can re-purpose them into a shorter style by carefully chopping off a certain length. With a plethora of washes available, choose your favourite pick. A lighter hue will look cute with some Fall sweaters, whereas a medium wash would look smart with a blazer. Don’t be afraid to pair some crop-tops with this high-waisted style as well.

4) Baggy Style

Who would have thought that the baggy look would be so popular? While many of us want to accentuate our curves with defined clothing, the baggy style has its own charm. A favourite of the 2000s, embrace this look by going for a slouchy and oversized pair. Be mindful to avoid looking like a sack by matching a well-fitted top with them. If you want to sport the Gucci-inspired runway silhouette, go for a relaxed peasant top along with a headscarf and aviator shades. 

5) White Hues

The Fall season introduced us to different hues on denim as well. One of them being the classic white. White has a way of adding sophistication to an outfit, making an ensemble look chic with a fashion-forward quality. Similarly, use a pair of ivory denim to elevate your outfit for a more formal look. Match it with neutral tones such as white or beige to enhance the colour. For a runway-worthy look, bring out some sexy heels and a smart jacket for a fabulous vibe. Moreover, be brave enough to pull off a classic all-white look that always looks great regardless of the season. Add seasonal touches through layering or incorporating elements from the fall/winter 2020 colour palette.

What is your favourite denim trend for Fall 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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