These days, there is so much content that is created for social media platforms. While everyone has a unique taste and likes watching different things, we all love some whole-hearted innocent comedy. Srishti Dixit is a popular content creator who gives us exactly that! In many of her videos, she plays the character of an innocent child called ‘Pintu‘ and her videos are so hilarious. Not just that, the character of Pintu is extremely relatable! You will end up reminiscing your childhood memories after looking at those videos. So here are a few posts that prove the adorable Pintu reminds us of our childhood days!

Here they are:

1. Pintu loves helping his friend in distributing birthday toffees

We all loved to distribute toffees in school during our friends’ birthday, didn’t we? It was like an innocent way of bunking class and we miss doing that so much! This post is hilarious and also so relatable because we all have faced the wrath of our teachers for skipping class.

2. Pintu can’t keep secrets

We all know that one friend who enjoys being a tell-tale! Don’t you remember telling on your friend just for fun? We sure do. We absolutely love how Srishti manages to recreate such memorable incidents from our childhood and wake the child in us.

3. We all have been thrown out of class once

Who remembers giggling with their friend and then suddenly the teacher asks us to share the ‘joke’ with everyone in the class? We all have been caught doing mischief once and then been thrown out of the class! Remembering those days today make us wanna go back to school this instant.

4. Pintu does silly things all the time

Pintu is everyone’s favourite character purely because he is shown to be so innocent and funny. We absolutely love to watch these short videos of his day-to-day life because they have the capability to brighten our day up!

5. Pintu doesn’t like to play ‘Ghar Ghar

Lol, remember how we used to spend our evenings playing ‘Ghar Ghar‘? We can’t stop watching this video because it’s too adorable. Moreover, it’s also relatable because it reminds you of your childhood days and those good old times when we used to bicker with our friends and siblings for the most random things.

6. Pintu’s adorable child-like behaviour

We are slowly getting hooked to her videos and that’s purely because they are so accurate! However, the funny filter on her face makes the videos all the more hilarious. Not just that, for Pintu’s character, Srishti uses an innocent tone and a particular accent that we absolutely adore.

7. We all tried to increase our marks in the paper, didn’t we?

Well, no matter what marks we got, we always tried to increase them a little by pointing out a ‘counting mistake’, didn’t we? Poor Pintu got yelled at for doing the same! This post brings back some amazing school memories and we would do anything to go back and live those days again.

As you can see, we are completely addicted to the character of Pintu and keep binging on these videos all day long. What we love about this character is that Srishti was able to strike the right chords in peoples mind with her reliability factor. Her videos have become really popular and have received such good response from her fans and multiple creators. Which video is your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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