The boyish style is not a groundbreaking concept and neither is the menswear-inspired trend. In fact, it’s been one of the most resilient trends throughout the years and is more prevalent than ever right now. While previously we were borrowing from the boys, now hoodies, blazers, fancy suits, slouchy sweaters and combat boots are all commonly part of women’s wear. The tomboy look is the perfect style to adopt if you’re aren’t feeling it with florals, dresses and more feminine silhouettes and even when you’re not ready to commit to a complete menswear-inspired look. It’s the perfect in-between balance of a boyish style that still can look chic.

In recent years many celebrities like Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne have nailed the perfect tomboyish looks when off duty. I’m personally a huge fan of street style looks that are effortless to create with very accessible pieces you probably already have in the closet. The key formula here is the little details and how you pair different pieces to suit the vibe you’re going for. But the best part of this trend is that it remains comfortable, functional and versatile. We’ve listed a few of our favourite easy to do tomboy looks to get you inspired.

Keep scrolling to see some cool tomboy-chic outfits from some fabulous fashionistas:

1. Sweater Vest

Fatjona Avd is giving us cool grandpa vibes with this white slouchy, V-neck sweater, vest and dad sneakers. Playing with different textures but sticking to a black and white colour palette she layers the knitted vest over a velvet black shirt. The popped the collar and trendy chunky chain necklace add for an edgier appearance. She’s also rocking loose leather pants that have white side panel emulating relaxed track pants. With her hair slicked back and the perfect slouch-against-the-wall pose, she evokes a cool attitude. Overall resulting in a minimalistic look that’s fashionable and chic for cooler weather.

2. Loafers

If you’re a beginner to menswear or tomboy style its always great to start with some accessories and basics that are classics. In this case, Svetlana Shashkova has styled her outfit with some blue loafers. You can even opt for other menswear-inspired shoes like oxfords or brogues to assist you with a more androgynous or unisex look. Svetlana has paired her loafers with some basic white pants but pulls a more boyish vibe by layering a textured, military green colour shirt over her yellow blouse. Added with some minimal feminine accessories such as the chain-link belt and bracelets to help balance the look. Ideal for a casual yet fashionable outing.

3. Trench coat

It’s all about layering here with Alicia Roddy’s ensemble. Plenty of classic wardrobe staples we now have, originated as menswear so don’t be afraid about mixing and matching pieces. From the large baggy trousers to an oversized white shirt and layered sweater—both untucked—Alica has gone for the slouchy look that’s very trendy this year. Added in with the trench coat in the same beige colour palette she has strived for a monochrome, minimalistic approach that successfully straddles the worlds of masculinity and chicness.

4. Basketball Shorts

Clara Berry definitely turns heads in this loud athletic ensemble. Tomboy styles don’t always have to be quiet, in fact, you can be as bold as you want. Expressing your mood and personality via fashion is always cool. Clara doesn’t hold back here in this off-duty look with a cool tomboy attitude. Starting with the neon green, oversized, graphic tee and matching baseball cap, she isn’t afraid to be loud. She’s paired it with some clashing patterns and prints with her carrot baggy, basketball shorts, tube socks and leopard accented sneakers. A very ‘90s hip hop inspired vibe from head to toe. However, with the let-down hair and sans makeup its almost verging on a skater boy look.

5. Men’s blazers

While designers are creating more and more menswear-inspired outfits for women, it doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead a pick a few key pieces from the men’s section. There’s something vintage yet very classy about Tine Andrea’s outfit. Together the pieces evoke a very ’70s men’s style vibe with the large brown blazer and high-waisted straight leg jeans. While the very modern, chunky Chealse boots bring an English twist. The one special piece that catches your eye and firmly plants the look in 2020 is her crossbody bag that looks like a large baseball cap from afar is especially cool.

What do you think about the tomboy street style trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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