Actor Faraaz Khan Battling For Life In ICU, Pooja Bhatt Extends Support

Avya Sharma , 14 Oct 2020
Pooja Bhatt | Source:
Pooja Bhatt | Source:

Bollywood actor Faraaz Khan, the son of late veteran actor Yusuf Khan, is battling for his life in the ICU. The actor is in a very critical condition. After hearing the news of Faraaz, actor and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt took to her Twitter handle to spread the news and urged people to contribute in order to help him.

Her tweet read, “Please share and contribute if possible. I am. Would be grateful if any of you can as well.”

Have a look at her tweet here—

The actor’s family has initiated a fundraiser and peened a note about him, his ambitions about acting, and how his health began to worsen. According to a report by MidDay, the note stated—

My dear brother, a cherished friend and a loved artist lies on the brink of life today. Faraaz Khan who gave many years of his life to the art of acting and gave his best in front of the camera only to impress his audience needs your help to survive today. Please help me raise enough funds to get Faraaz the treatment he needs.

Faraaz had been suffering from a cough and an infection in his chest for nearly a year. Recently, the coughing had aggravated so due to the prevailing pandemic, he decided to consult the doctor over a video call. Over the video consultation on 8th October 2020, the doctor saw his condition and recommended that he gets himself admitted to a hospital as his cough was quite intense and to prevent any further infection, hospitalization was the best thing to do. So, immediately we called for an ambulance. However what happened after that has shaken us up to the core.

The doctors have said that there is a chance that Faraaz can get better and go back to his normal life. But this will only be possible if he receives the necessary treatment in the ICU and hospitalization and medical care after that. This shall only be possible with your help and support. Please donate for our campaign and share it with your family and friends to save a fellow artist, a brother, a friend.

We wish the actor a speedy recovery.

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