Food is so much more than something we eat, it’s a form of art! So many different ingredients come together and become something delicious. India is an extremely diverse country and we have a plethora of cuisines and varieties of food that we can try every day. However, we are currently living in such uncertain times and aren’t able to go out and try new food easily. So today, on the occasion of #WorldFoodDay, we decided to show y’all a series of mouth-watering posts that our fave food bloggers have posted and appreciate food photography. We celebrate this day to recognise the importance of food in our lives and this year’s theme is to ‘grow, nourish and sustain together’ So are you ready to feast with your eyes with pictures of some awesome food?

Here we go!

1. Shivesh Bhatia

October heat is at its peak and these uncertain rains are only increasing the humidity, especially in Mumbai. In a time like this, these Black Forest popsicles are giving us life! They look so delicious and dreamy, we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

2. Saloni Kukreja

These vegan pancakes are making our mouth water! These fluffy delicacies look so delicious and they are also healthy. This post has motivated us to try this recipe out on the weekend.

3. Mumbai Foodie

We literally started drooling after looking at this deliciously aesthetic post by Mumbai Foodie! It has been so long since we had a pizza party with our friends and all these pictures just remind us of the good times that we have spent eating amazing food!

4. Ankiet Gulabani

How is Ankiet able to make healthy food look so appetizing? Tbh, we are suckers for greasy junk food but this post is making the toast looks so yummm, we can’t wait to try it ourselves!

5. Sarah Hussain a.k.a @zingyzest

Wow, this looks like a calorie fest and we are loving it! Brownie points for anyone who is ready to send us some cheesy garlic bread right away. The melted cheese and the herbs on top are really making this post picture perfect!

6. Shubhra Paul a.k.a @gastronomicjournal

Woah, that’s a king-size burger right there! We absolutely love this post by Shubhra because as soon as we look at it we feel like grabbing a bite of that burger right away.

7. Rohit Haryani a.k.a @thehungrymumbaikar

There is nothing in this world that is as fulfilling as Indian food, isn’t it? Just looking at that Dal Makhani and Amritsari Kulcha is giving us so much satisfaction!

8.  Parth Bajaj

Whenever someone is feeling low, just gift them a box of macaroons! Those tiny drops of heaven have the ability to brighten up anyone’s mood within seconds. Not just that, this picture is so visually appealing that you just can’t resist buying a bunch of macaroons.

9. Saransh Goila

Nothing makes us as happy as butter chicken does! It is not just a dish but it is food for your soul. Indulging in a great dish can literally set everything right.

10. Karan Dua

Everyone step back because street food is here to win this game! No matter what, our heart will always reside with yummy street food like Gol Gappe. This post makes us so happy because we miss eating delicious street food so much.

11. Amar Sirohi

Do you like Vada Pav in Mumbai or Delhi? If you ask us, we absolutely can’t choose! We are big fans of street food like Vada Pav because that, along with its spicy chutney hits us right in the feels.

12. Food Choice Of Mumbai

Welcome to what heaven looks like! Walking into a room full of desserts that are just for us to binge, is like our food fantasy come true. However, our fave dessert has to be something with Nutella!

13. That Delhi Foodie

This post is every Chinese food lover’s dream come true! Out of all these amazing delicacies that are right in front of us, we would definitely start our course with momos because who doesn’t love momos?

14. The Pune Foodie

Cupcakes with alcohol? YES PLEASE! We are absolutely gushing over this post for two reasons, firstly the cupcakes look so adorable, secondly, the idea of having them made with alcohol is so unique. We can’t wait to order these appetizing ‘lil treats for us on the weekend!

15. Mumbai Foodicous

Excuse us while we go and appreciate this divine shawarma! Just the mere image of cheesy shawarma gets us drooling. We love how this post was able to capture the real essence of this tasty dish.

16. Neha Mathur a.k.a @whiskaffair

We do like to check out healthy stuff every now and then and this celery smoothie post is our go-to! The recipe is so easy to follow and it always ends up tasting so much better than we expect. I guess this is our time to come and say ‘fitness is our passion’ lol!

17. Deeba Rajpal

This post is the perfect example of food photography at its best! Just looking at that pair of cherry coconut ice-cream is giving us major major cravings. We are absolutely sure it must be tasting delicious!

18. Architlost

Our love for pizza is so much deeper than it looks! Carbs make us happy and so does this mouth-watering picture. His profile shows some really strong aesthetic skills and we are loving it.

19. Nikita Varma

Do you know what’s better than onion rings? cheesy onion rings! Just the thought of crispy rings filled with melted cheese makes us drool like a puppy. Not just that, the recipe is also super easy to follow. So what are you waiting for? go try it right away!

20. Rinkel Arora

A  pizza sandwich is such a perfect blend of two awesome dishes and we love to eat it every time we try it. This post is one of our fave because it doesn’t just contain the final product but also has the recipe for it. The softness of the pizza sauce and the crunch of the sandwich complement each other so well.

By this point, we are certain that you might be craving some delicious food too. As we all know, a happy stomach filled with yummy food is the secret to a happy life. So, on the occasion of #WorldFoodDay, we really want to appreciate these food bloggers who are keeping our feed lively with some awesome food photography. Tell us about your fave dish in comments below!

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