'Ek Din Pyaar' By MC Stan Has Got Us Hooked For All The Right Reasons

Trending Intern , 19 Oct 2020
MC Stan (Source: @mc_s_t_a_n)

Music has different genres, amirite? Rap is one music genre that is street style and we love how it is so raw and unedited vibe to it. With the massive success of his previous music video, ‘Hosh Mai Aa’, underground rapper-producer MC Stan yet again steals the show with his new track ‘Ek Din Pyaar’ from his debut album Tadipaar. The storyline of his new song continues from the previous track itself and we are completely hooked to it. It is the #1 trending song on YouTube and will easily become your fave song. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

About MC Stan a.k.a Altaf Tadavi

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The album Tadipaar is a narration of MC Stan’s life. It portrays his journey of getting into hip-hop music and his struggles and achievements all the way back from Pune to Mumbai. He is a multi-talented creator with his expertise lying in writing lyrics, producing beats and delivery. The underground artist has always kept his profile low and spread his music like ‘Galat Scene‘ and ‘Trippin‘ via whats app forwards. He truly is a rising star and we love how genuine and honest he is with his content.

MC Stan’s inspiration

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Stan always had an interest in music. Back in childhood, he used to listen to Kawali at his house. Later his elder brother introduced him to the hip-hop and rap music genre. At the age of 12, he wrote his first-ever song ‘Bhalti Public’. His inspiration revolves around legends like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, The Black- Eyes Peas and Tupac. However, his all-time fave was Rakhim!

The storyline of ‘Ek Din Pyaar’ 

His journey from beatboxing to rapping has truly been inspiring. His new music video depicts the hardships and negativity he has received in the past from haters, his relationship with a girl and the things he experienced in his neighborhood in Pune. Not just that, the lyrics are deep and hold a lot of meaning too.

‘Ek Din Pyaar’ is one of our personal favourites. We are so excited for more releases in the future from this young underground rapper-producer and wish him the best of luck. If you haven’t heard it yet out check it out here!

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