10 Irrational Fears You Probably Don’t Know You Have

10 Irrational Fears You Probably Don’t Know You Have

Mallika Jhaveri

Irrational fears are something we all have. Whether it’s the fear of being buried alive, having a ceiling fan fall on you or even the fear of ghosts under your bed, these fears are very much on our mind.

The ladies on Malini’s Girl Tribe recently had a conversation where they shared their phobias, and the responses made for an interesting thread! Here are some of the most unique, quirky, yet extremely relatable irrational fears people usually foster.

1. Fear Of Showers And Bathtubs

The fear is not of the shower or the bathtub per se but the fear of drowning in them. While it seems completely improbable, it is common and many people have it. Some people even fear opening their eyes to a ghost or stranger in the cubicle! Well, this isn’t completely irrational…I mean, have you seen Psycho?

Psycho Alfred Hitchcock GIF by hoppip - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. Fear Of Falling Down A Flight Of Stairs

Thanks to the countless TV Serial bahus who have time and again slipped over staircases, this fear is extremely common. Falling down stairs can result in very serious injuries and in Pooja Bhabhi‘s case, straight-up death. The only advice we can give you is to climb down slowly and steadily.

3. Fear Of Falling Into A Manhole

This is not a fear, it is a reality. Just avoid walking on the roads during floods, and you’re good!

4. Fear Of Bugs Getting Into Your Ear

Ewww. This fear is not uncommon at all. The thought of a cretin getting into ears is both creepy and annoying. Imagine that constant ‘zzzzz’ sound ringing in your ears!

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5. Fear Of Having An Airplane Fall On You

This is a bit extreme and very highly improbable, especially during this pandemic where the number of planes in the sky have reduced. Airlines are going bankrupt, literally! So if this is your fear, you have nothing to worry about. Just stay away from the Bermuda Triangle though.

6. Fear Of Finding A Snake In The Pot

Thanks to some very viral images, this fear is not altogether irrational. If the giant Basilisk could move around in the pipes at Hogwarts, a snake may just find a place in yours. We wish we could reassure you, but unfortunately, we cannot. Look before you use the toilet, it will literally be a matter of life or death.

7. Fear Of Teeth Falling Off While Sleeping

You don’t need to fear your teeth falling off unless you’re chewing ridiculously large amounts of candy or tobacco. Or unless you’re under the age of six, in which case, congratulations, you will be earning money soon.

8. Fear Of A Shark Attack In A Swimming Pool

If you were traumatised by the movie Jaws, this may be a major fear. But, it is extremely irrational as

  1. You would be able to see the shark before getting in the pool.
  2. If there was a shark in the pool, it would not be open to the public.
  3. Putting a shark in a pool is much harder than you think.

So, you’re safe. Be free and go take a swim!

9. Fear Of Your Wedding Pictures Being Deleted

This may just be the least irrational fear on the list. With bugs, viruses, glitches, and hacking, this is extremely possible. The best thing to do is to take at least two backups on different devices. No one should have their Titanic-couple pose deleted, ever.

10. Fear Of Getting Crushed By Automatic Lift Doors

An oldie, but a goldie. This fear is extremely common. Usually, automatic lifts come with very efficient censors that do not crush people. However, it is always good to be safe. Don’t dramatically run to get into the lift if it is shutting and don’t linger in the middle. However, if you are still scared, use the stairs! You will be squeezing in an exercise too!

Irrational fears are a part of life. Sometimes they are extremely rational, but sometimes they make zero sense. However, there is no need to overwork yourself over them! But, if you find that it is leading to anxiety and disrupting your daily life, please do talk to someone about it.

How many of these irrational fears can you relate to? Let us know in the comments below!

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