Social media is adopted by all generations and professionals. Today, we are all living in uncertain times. In a pandemic like this, fortunately, many doctors have started creating innovative content to engage with their audiences. This new era of digitalization has changed the traditional methods of connecting with people. Speaking of innovation, we think it is really cool to see how doctors who are extremely busy with hectic schedules also manage to stay active on social media. Using their own unique style they provide awareness and entertainment to their audiences on these platforms. Here are a few doctors who are such amazing content creators that you might soon be addicted to their content!

Here they are:

1. Dr. Sanket Bhosale

Doctors indeed have a humorous side! Dr. Sanket is quite popular for his comical personality. He is a doctor by education and a comedian by profession. We love all his character sketches although our most fave is Faizal Bhai. Sanket is an all-rounder, a perfect example of someone who creates content on what they like. His journey inspires us so much!

2. Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

Who said doctors can’t be fun? Dr. Siddhant is one of our personal faves! He is not only a doctor but also a lifestyle and weight management expert. Having a healthy nutritious lifestyle is very important. His content is extremely creative and genuine. Not only that, but he also conducts dancing sessions! We can totally relate to him and his videos keep us glued on to our screens!

3. Dr. Rashmi Shetty

Dr. Rashmi Shetty is India’s leading celebrity dermatologist and her content is super insightful. She is the best skin expert and her videos, lives and posts help you gain an abundance of knowledge. Moreover, her content usually has a very engaging vibe, which definitely grasps our attention. We can’t wait to get more helpful information and tips from her!

4. Dr. Richa Negi

Apart from being a doctor, she is also a passionate dancer and her content is straight-up superb. She is a wonderful woman and this video of her dancing to ‘Garmi‘ went super viral. It is unbelievable to see how she manages and balances her professional and personal skills so well.

5. Dr. Ishinna Sadana

Dr. Ishinna is a famous parental coach, her content on parenting advice has really helped many. She has been actively speaking to multiple parent bloggers discussing the problems parents face and how they should deal with such challenges. Her advice and informational content is simply amazing. Dr. Ishinna’s posts are very relatable especially during recent times.

6. Dr. Ruby Tandon

Yet another popular celebrity dermatologist, Ruby creates super cool content on social media. Being a doctor and maintaining a balance between personal and professional life can be tough. However, she tries to make the most out of it and is surely successful in doing so.

7. Dr. Vishakha

Using social media platforms professionally, she encourages all her followers to start eating and living healthy. She has been very active on Instagram and has connected with experts in live sessions in order to spread awareness among more people. She shares testimonial content on her feed, which makes her advice more authentic and credible. We love how dedicated she is and her live sessions are super interesting!

These doctors are amazing content creators and are helping people stay healthy with their creative videos, lives and posts. What we love about them is that they all have a unique style. These are uncertain times and such content really motivates us to take care of ourselves and be more aware of ourselves.

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