We all know, remember and love the ‘chicken leg piece guy‘ from TikTok, don’t we? He was extremely popular on TikTok and had a following in millions. And even though TikTok is not available in India currently, it did not stop Ulhas Kamathe a.k.a chicken leg piece guy from following his love for non-veg food. He has gone ahead and started his new chicken shop in Ghatkopar area of Mumbai, which serves chicken wings, chicken leg piece and much more. Here’s everything you need to know about his journey from TikTok to entrepreneurship!

Who is the Chicken Leg Piece Guy?

Ulhas a.k.a chicken leg piece guy is a TikTok personality popular for his mukbang videos. Mukbangs are videos in which the host eats in front of the camera as viewers watch him eat. His videos got so much love from people that TikTok even introduced a chicken leg piece filter. Even when India decided to ban the loved TikTok app, his online fame opened new doors for him and today he is able to open his own small business. Such stories make us so happy!

Here’s what Ulhas has to say,

I was amazed to see that I share mutual love for chicken with so many people across the world. The amount of appreciation I received from the audience for my TikTok videos has inspired me to take my passion ahead and begin a new journey. I am expecting the same support from my fans on the new venture.

He had more than 7 million followers on TikTok and today his online fandom has helped him achieve his real-life goal. We are definitely going to try his food and you should too! Did you find his story inspiring? Tell us in comments below!

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