Today, content creation is one of the most upcoming career options in our country. In times like these, each and every one of us is striving to watch unique content. Which is exactly why popular short-video content platform, MX TakaTak has launched the first edition of the ‘Fame House‘! It is a location in Goa, where 18 popular creators from the MX TakaTak community will be housed. They will be in the house for 7 days and will get the opportunity to collaborate and create engaging content with each other. This is an exclusive opportunity for them to increase their following by millions. Tbh, we are loving this unique concept! Keep reading to know all the interesting deets about Fame House!

So, how does this work?

Fame House is located in Goa, where it aims to give creators a one-of-its-kind experience. From 19th to 25th October, 18 popular creators will be locked inside a house and will be given a chance to create super fun content with each other. Some big names include Nisha Guragain, Ashika Bhatia, Amulya Rattan, Ayush Yadav, Rush Twins and many more. Not just that, each of them will get professional guidance in terms of hair, makeup, camera, shooting and much more. Each day, they will have to accomplish multiple tasks and think out-of-the-box in terms of content.

The idea behind the Fame House

MX TakaTak is a popular short-video content platform that has a growing community of more than 6 million creators. They launched Fame House in order to bring these creators together and give them an exclusive opportunity of curating engaging content. This is the first edition of the Fame House and we are already hooked!

Here’s what Karan Bedi, CEO, MX Player has to say,

Our aim has always been to bring alive the dream of fame, fandom and eventual fortune for our TakaTak family and with this edition of Fame House, we want to give them all the right tools to make it big. The concept is to create an easy-going, collaborative but exciting environment by bringing together an exclusive set of digital creators and giving them opportunities to bring out the best in them. We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic videos that each of them creates from the MX TakaTak Fame House.

Currently, Fame House is a melting pot of great content and fun videos so make sure you keep an eye out for all the cool things they do inside the house. We think this is a really interesting concept and we’re excited to see what’s more to come on MX TakaTak. Who is your favourite among all of these talented influencers? Tell us in comments below!

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