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Like many trends from the ‘90s, barrettes and clips have made a comeback. Now they’re bulkier and more geometric in different shapes and sizes. Some even come embellished in pearls, rhinestones and shells. I love how they’ve gone from being skinny plain metal bars to more ornamental and interesting fashion accessories that can add some vibrancy to your looks. Even celebs and their stylist have brought back the childhood accessory with blingy catchphrases and words that allow you to express your personality and bring your basic outfit or hair to life. It’s even a common accessory choice on celebrities dressed up for the red carpet.

It’s safe to say that from head wraps to bobby pins we’re huge fans of hair accessories and barrettes are no exception. If you’ve bought a pair of trendy barrettes and are wondering how to wear them without looking like you are back in the 1st grade, you’re in luck. Ahead we’ve rounded up a few cool ways you can style this nostalgia-inducing accessory.

Keep reading to check out how you can slay this chic trend:

1. The side

One of the simplest and easiest ways to style a barrette of your choice is by placing it on the side of your head. It can be used to keep the hair in place or simply to add some bit of decoration. Top off your slick bun or ponytail with a barrette that matches with your outfit. Place on the side along your ear to get the look.

2. The back

We love a good hairdo that is simple in the front but more intricate in the back. Instead of placing your barrette in a more traditional manner or bringing all the attention in front, place it at the back of your mane in a subtle half-up hairstyle. This way it has even more of an impact as it’s decked out in a mix of embellishments such as other pearl and star-themed complementary barrette styles. Check out this dreamy romantic look for inspiration.

3. Purely for ornamental purposes

While barrettes and clips are meant to hold your hair back and hairstyle in place, it doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting. Just a add a stunning decorative piece that purely ornamental. This leaf-shaped barrette looks gorgeous with this romantic updo. It’s a simple piece but adds that special something that works well with the hair to enhance the entire look from head to toe without being overwhelming.

4. Double it up

Rather than wearing a single barrette, place two barrettes side by side. This is totally suitable for daytime wear as well. You can also swap it out for a more patterned or sparkly finish for the evening. As a result, you will have a statement look that stands out but isn’t too overwhelming or complicated.

5. Make it a party

The more the merrier right? The more barrettes decorating your hair, the more fun and eyecatching it will be. When it comes to barrettes, there are plenty of sizes and shapes including small thin ones that look best in clustered groups. So ditch the solid headband and go wild! Stack up multiple alternating shapes and sizes along your hairline to create a chic customized look. Pay attention to details like the colour story by incorporating hues from your outfits such as gold or silver finishes. This way it’s cohesive and you’ll have a fashionable rocking style.

6. Make a statement

If you want your hairstyle to make a statement, place two clips with words or phrases on them on the side of your hair. It a great way to express yourself or even stan your favourite brands like Gucci. You can even go bolder by stacking up multiple phrases around your head like these boss clips layered on the tail of a long braid. Using powerful words on accessories is a great way to express what you stand up for. Girl power!

How do you like to style barrettes and other accessories in your hair? Let us know in the comments below

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