7 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

7 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

Kanak Devnani

How quickly time flies! One day you’re enjoying summer, the next you’re already well into the fall season with Halloween just a week away. Every Halloween there are always two types of people; those who love the season, going all out and those enjoy it but can’t be bothered to dress up. TBH I’m one of those who love Halloween but prefers more easygoing costumes without spending a too much time prepping my look from head to toe. This year with most parties taking place in really tiny groups depending where you live, or mainly online, fun and interesting makeup looks are a great way to add a little spooky spirit to your movie night.

It’s a great opportunity to get creative, dress up and infuse some joy and fun after so many months indoors—safely, of course. But, if you haven’t decided on a costume or look yet, never fear ‘cause we got you covered. If you plan on leaving the house try focusing on your eye makeup a bit more or even try creatively making a face mask as part of your costume. There are endless ways you can get creative with your looks. However, if you like to stick to simpler looks we’ve compiled a list of how you can totally transform your face into a festive look with just a few products. No need to run around finding a detailed or even pricey costume to go along with it. Recreating these easy looks will be a breeze.

Keep scrolling to check out some low-maintenance Halloween makeup ideas that you can recreate last minute:

1. It’s Bambi!

The baby deer look is super cute and easy to do where you only need a handful of product. You’ll need an eyeliner to line the top and bottom lash line. Line the inner corner of your eye as well and highlight the bottom half a with white or silver eyeshadow. Add some fluttery eyelashes for a doe-eyed look. Next step is to use a bonzer to heavily contour the temples and cheekbones. Contour your nose, connecting the colour into your eyebrows.

Then its time to draw on the cute as a button nose with brown eyeliner or pencil. Follow the bottom bit of your nose to create an upside-down triangle that’s a bit rounded. Draw a line from under your nose, down the centre of your top lip. Fill in the top lip with a brown lipstick or eye pencil in the same shade. Finally use a white eyeliner to draw to on the speckling of dots along your forehead connecting to your cheeks. Complete your look by styling your hair into two buns to imitate baby antlers and your good to go!

2. A Cat

This is one of the easiest looks on our list and one of the most popular lazy girl Halloween outfits. All you really need is a black liner, false lashes and of course some cat ears you can easily find online. Draw on the whiskers, nose, freckles and line the top lip. Of course, you need to create a cat-eye with your liner but use a white eyeshadow to line the inner corners to make the eyes pop. Once you get these basic features down you can get as creative as you like with your eyeshadow. Finally, add on your lashes and pop on the ears.


3. Wednesday Addams

You can’t properly celebrate Halloween without mentioning the Addams family. Wednesday’s particular I could care less attitude, signature pigtails and full-sleeved black dress make her costume very easy to recreate. For this, more gothic version of Wednesday don’t forget to apply a black lipstick to go with you’re a black smokey eyeshadow. If you don’t have a black lip, as an alternate option sticks to dark brown eyes and lips. Use a styling cream when you part and braid your hair to capture her iconic hairstyle to complete the look. And ta-dah, you’re spooky and kooky like the Addams family.

4. Harley Quinn

The Harley Quinn look from Suicide Squad has become a Halloween favourite ever since the movie came out. For good reason too as it’s so easy to replicate the hair makeup. First, you’ll need to part your hair in the centre and create two high pigtails. To frame your face leave some strands in the front loose. Then add some temporary spray hair colour or coloured clip-in extensions in blue and pink on either side.

Moving on to your makeup, in the same manner, apply blue eyeshadow on one eye and pink on the other. Drag the colour downwards a bit to create a smudged look. Next, use a black eyeliner to draw the heart tattoo under the eye. Try to get a friend help you write the Rotten tattoo otherwise, you can use a mirror, Finally most importantly apply a red lipstick Apply it like normal, then take your finger or a small shadow brush to sweep the colour on the lower bottom lip downward. Then blot. This will give you that slightly smeared effect.

5. Scarecrow

This Halloween costume is super low-effort. You probably already have a plaid button-down shirt or straw beach hat lying around somewhere. And all you really need for your makeup is eyeliner and red or orange eyeshadow. First, use your eyeliner to create a triangle on your nose and fill it in with red eyeshadow. Then draw on lines at the edge of the border that make it look like the nose patch is sewn on. Next, draw a line starting at the edge of your mouth outwards on either side. Once again draw short vertical lines across that, mimicking stitches keeping your mouth shut. Line your lower lash line and draw some exaggerated false eyelashes in varying lengths. Lastly, apply the same eyeshadow shade as blush focusing on the apples of your cheeks.

6. Pop Art-inspired

If you can draw some strategically placed lines you can master this look in about 10-15 mins. Make sure you have a variety of eyeliners in black, blue and white to work on this Lichtenstein-inspired costume. Don’t forget the signature red lips. If you want to go the extra mile draw on some white dots on the face to imitate the pop art pixels.

7. All Eyes On You

Want to recreate this eye-gazing look? You’re in luck it’s super easy and all you really need is a bag of googly eyes and some patience. Complete your makeup and eye look they way you like it but use a dark lipstick for your lips. Next, you need a bag of plastic googly eyes you can buy on Amazon or at a craft store. Make sure they are not Velcro or stickers types but one with flatbacks. Before applying these to your face think about how you want to place them strategically, especially if you have varying sizes. Once you’ve decided that, then apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the back of a googly eye and start placing them on your face. Definitely fun and weird, perfect for this spooky season.

What is your go-to Halloween makeup look or costume? Let us know in the comments below.

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