OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

Ah yes, the festival of lights, love, diyas and well, lots of gifts, is upon us! Diwali usually means different things to different people. I for one, love that it means family time and presents time… However this year my father refuses to get me a new phone given the fact that, A; I already have one and B; It’s not going to be hugely different from the one I have.

Well, surprise, surprise! Since I’m quite an independent, young woman (wink, wink), I thought it’s time to buy myself my own phone. Keeping the price point, look, feel, features and uniqueness in mind, I invested in the all-new OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition.

And if there’s something positive about 2020, it’s definitely this stylish phone. However, I’m not a techie or a pro, but I do know a thing or two about a really good phone! Scroll below to know about a couple of features and attributes I’ve been loving in the OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition:

1. The design

Basically, I never have to buy a phone case again because the body of this one is so unique and in a gradient finish, that I’d feel it was brand new all the time! These colours are light and bright but their reflection results in varied colours (think of it like watching a pataka light show) when the phone is held at different angles. Genius, TBH!

The design and colour embody festival and spirit of Diwali in its truest self—carrying out the blessings of good fortune, bravery, and a propitious future. Sweet, right? Now, about the colours… Gold, green and blue help describe candlelight in an abstract and beautiful way. The matte texture in this design creates a smooth and calming but happy effect that also gives off a sleek and slim look. The best part is that the smartphone is going to match my Diwali outfit too and I can’t wait to flaunt it this festive season. Truly, OPPO has left no stone unturned to make our Diwali bigger, better and brighter.

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

2. The size

The OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition has a sleek design, which is 7.48mm ultra-thin and 164g ultra-lightweight. And the best part is, because of its slim features, it can easily fit into my pocket without bulging out and can even slip into my wide zipper wallet with ease. On days I go for a run or to the grocery store, I never have to worry about the phone falling out or slipping away.

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

3. The camera

The key reason why I bought this phone. Since my job revolves around taking selfies, flatlays, videos, extra zoomed-in shots of my dog (not work-related, I know) and super scrumptious food pictures, my camera priorities were quite high. That being said once I used the camera, here’s what I loved:

  • 6 AI Portrait Camera—Not everyone is a professional photographer so there sometimes can be blurry shots that are in need of some definition. The OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition uses

AI facial reconstruction technology to fill in those gaps. Making the most minute of details come to life and be enhanced.

  • Night Portrait—Another cool mode,

AI Night Flare Portrait that lets you transform low light portraits into really stunning nighttime pictures.

  • Front-facing camera—You can call it vanity, but the quality front-facing camera is perfect for anyone with an Instagram account.

4. Battery life

It’s annoying when your phone dies on you in the middle of a Netflix show or Zoom call right? But this phone is equipped with VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 that charges this phone to 100% in 53 minutes! That’s not all, it uses an AI algorithm to optimise the charging at night, which means that it learns your waking up time in the morning and accordingly redistributes the last 20% of battery charge to be within those 90 minutes, prior to you waking up. That way it protects the battery life span!

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

5. Air gestures

Now, this one’s really cool… You know how sometimes both your hands are busy? They can sometimes either be covered in brownie batter or paint or they’re just freshly manicured with a cute nail polish colour. For those times, the OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition comes with this super feature called Air Gestures—meaning you can now pick up calls but just moving your hands in the air above the phone screen! Super dope, amirite?! As long as your 20-50 centimetres away from the phone you can simply wave your hand upward and answer the call!

Adding to all these amazing features that come in the phone, what also comes with the OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition is a gift box for every customer, spreading light, love and celebration.

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

OPPO F17 Pro Diwali Edition

The gift box comes with a charger and a phone cover with festive graphics as artwork. This is such an out-of-the-box idea and a great way to lighten up the festive season.

TBH, this is possibly the best Diwali gift to bring in the light and positivity for the year ahead! It has definitely been one of the best tech decisions I’ve made this year!

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*This post is in partnership with OPPO India.