5 Trends That Caught Our Eye At Lakmé Fashion Week 2020

Sakshi Kore , 26 Oct 2020
Sukriti and Aakriti, The Loom Art and Raw Mango at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020
Sukriti and Aakriti, The Loom Art and Raw Mango at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020

Fashion weeks in 2020 have given designers a platform to design and curate collections that are a remedy to this preposterous year. While some say minimalism will take over, some are of the opinion that fashion is an escape for many and will be as grandeur as can imagine. And the season-less edition of Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 was a representation of these mixed philosophies. The digital-first fluid season of one of India’s biggest fashion weeks paved the way for the use of CGI. Models walked the virtual ramp against thematic backdrops taking fashion shows in India one notch higher. As for the designs, the year 2020 and its antidote served as the backdrop for most of the collections. Sustainability was given double the emphasis and all in all, fashion was celebrated in all its glory!

With every fashion week come an array of trends—whether fleeting ones or classics, and this season of Lakme Fashion Week was no different. Of the many trends that were brought to the fore, we at MissMalini took note of 5 trends that we see becoming the next big thing. Ahead, we list them out for you and the designers that need to be on your watch for the same!

1. Eco-friendly fabrics

We’re way past the time of having enough time to reverse the impact of fashion on the environment. Currently, we’re in a “now or never” situation. A green lifestyle has never been more imperative than it is now. And many designers at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 realised the importance of the same. Therefore, they designed collections using eco-friendly fabrics. From Malai who is known for their usage of natural fibres from mature coconuts as an alternative to leather to Dhatu Design Studio who made use of eco-friendly textiles for their men’s collection, eco-friendly fabrics are definitely not a passing trend. They’re the only way forward!

11:11 at LFW 2020
Dhatu Design Studio at LFW 2020
Malai at LFW 2020
MISHÉ at LFW 2020
The Loom Art at LFW 2020

2. Revival of handicraft techniques

Any object that’s handmade or hand-crafted automatically becomes a timeless piece of art—whether it’s an accessory, home decor or garments. This season at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020, designers brought to the fore the magic of those many handicraft techniques, that we, as a nation are famous for. From Gaurang‘s lavish use of Chikankari, Kantha embroidery and Ikat work; to Raw Mango‘s sumptuous use of brocade and Sukriti and Akriti‘s vivid presentation of Phulkari, handicraft techniques added a glorious touch of pizzaz to clothes that were a synthesis of modern and traditional.

Gaurang at LFW 2020
Manish Malhotra at LFW 2020
Punit Balana at LFW 2020
Raw Mango at LFW 2020
Sukriti and Akriti at LFW 2020

3. Minimalistic bridal-wear

While some brides swear by the “more is more” philosophy, some have a knack for minimalistic styles. Bridal-wear for years has been all about extravagance but for many brides today, making a statement in toned down ensembles seems more appealing. And more comfortable. The ramp this season was brimming with minimalistic bridal styles. From JADE By Monica and Karishma‘s Ek Taar lehengas to Jayanti Reddy‘s striking red ensembles decorated with subtle yet tasteful embellishments, Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 put forth an assortment of minimalistic bridal options.

Pink Peacock Couture at LFW 2020
Jayanti Reddy at LFW 2020
JADE By Monica and Karishma at LFW 2020
Disha Patil at LFW 2020
Anushree Reddy at LFW 2020

4. Exaggerated sleeves

Exaggerated sleeves continue to top the trend charts with new styles each season. Sheer balloon sleeves to exaggerated ruffles to edgy ones—at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020, designers made way for sartorial drama via quirky to romantic styles. Take for instance Pink Peacock Couture‘s heavily-ruffled-sleeved jumpsuit or Farah Sanjana‘s futuristic pantsuit with a fluid yet structured sleeve. The options to choose from? They’re in abundance!

Farah Sanjana at LFW 2020
Pink Peacock Couture at LFW 2020
Sukriti and Akriti at LFW 2020
Pankaj and Nidhi at LFW 2020

5. Geometrical patterns

Geometry made a strong appearance at the season-less edition of Lakmé Fashion Week 2020. Strategically-cut silhouettes to symmetrical patterns or geometrical embroidery, these carefully calculated and designed patterns made their way into the collections of Amit AggarwalHemang Agrawal, Kunal Rawal and more! For Kunal Rawal, it was the use of French embroidery in geometrical patterns. Whereas, for Pankaj and Nidhi, it was the use of seamless patterns that enhanced their party-ready ensembles and the use of stripes for Payal Khandwala‘s sarees.

Amit Aggarwal at LFW 2020
Hemang Agrawal at LFW 2020
Kunal Rawal at LFW 2020
Pankaj and Nidhi at LFW 2020
Payal Khandwala at LFW 2020
Rajesh Pratap Singh for Satya Paul at LFW 2020

Which of these styles caught your eye apart from eco-friendly fabrics that are more than simply just trends? Tell us in the comments below!

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