13 Upcoming Content Creators Who Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Trending Intern , 27 Oct 2020
Nirmali Nath, Anthony O. Gomes, Jasleen Sabharwal (Source: @wanderbug.in @antorvingomes @jasleensabharwal)
Nirmali Nath, Anthony O. Gomes, Jasleen Sabharwal (Source: Instagram | @wanderbug.in @antorvingomes @jasleensabharwal)

The Internet has undoubtedly become an integral part of our daily lives. The use of online digital platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and many more is skyrocketing today. This pushes many creators to create interesting, unique and entertaining content. From a million such creators, some definitely outshine and grasp our attention with their unique and engaging content. Here are a few fresh and upcoming creators who caught our attention because of their unique style! Their content will make you wanna amp up your social media game as well!

Here they are:

1. Tushar Bedi 

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Real is rare. —— #reyyanshi

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He is a versatile content creator, his style is quite interesting as he gives deep value to everything and anything. Tushar also has ventured into creating podcasts such as ‘Keep growing & glowing with Tushar Bedi’. Each episode is designed in a way that adds value to the journey of life. We are extremely fascinated by his unique style of content. So, head over to his profile to check out more!

2. Anthony O. Gomes a.k.a @antorvingomes

His profile is where royalty meets grace! Upcoming digital creator, Anthony is a complete talent-hub. His unique aesthetic style is something we absolutely love and can’t get enough of. The way he styles traditional sarees as menswear is amazing. That’s not all, he is also a professional classical dancer and his postures are beautiful. We are certain that his unique personality and sheer dedication will bring him a lot of popularity.

3. Amreen Khan a.k.a @ameyswift

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and yes there’s a coffee stain on last page of my diary. Don’t find me rude, but I am a sucker at getting attention from anyone. I would pick a table that’s in the corner most area of the cafe or the one hidden behind planters and trees. I would look my busiest when left on my own, might even stretch my legs on the chair next to me in an unsophisticated fashion. I cannot play around to look sane, too descent or too extra. Doing so leaves me in an anxiety of not showing my real self or of having mistakenly impressed someone for something that I’m not. Yes it can give you real trouble overthinking. Also I’m a believer that the ones who stick around you without you giving or seeking attention are your true mates. What’s your take on this? 📷 Self #featherinkandcoffee #selfportraitsbyamey #advancedselfie #sorelleamore

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Amreen Khan a.k.a ameyswift from Surat is an artistic storyteller. Her creativity is very well depicted in her work and she believes that art can connect like-minded people. She has actively conducted Insta-meets to build a community of Instagrammers. Her passion and drive to create out-of-the-box content make her noticeable amongst millions out there.

4. Tarini Shah

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•FLAUNT YOUR INSECURITIES• as some of y’all might know I got myself a new camera yesterday and I was so excited to use it (which you can see in the pictures)but once I started seeing the pictures, while I was adoring the quality I was constantly contemplating whether to post these or not because the camera clicks hd photos which means that all my insecurities will now be on the internet IN HD. I could clearly see all my acne, scars and facial hair and whilst everyone is trying to normalise all of it (which is great and that’s how it should be ) a part of me is always worried of not being beautiful, not being that perfect girl who is adored by people, not being the girl I’ve always wanted to be . And that’s the reason I’m posting it and it’s not about validation because I know I am beautiful but the fact that I care about other people’s perspective before mine and that is something I can’t seem to overcome and it is extremely essential now because we live in a world where people will express their opinion (which is good and bad at the same time ) So this is me taking a step towards overcoming the fear of others opinions about me and if you are worried about the same then go wear that dress that shows your curves, wear your scars with pride, show off those beautiful strech marks and above all FLAUNT YOUR INSECURITIES because that’s how you will feel more comfortable in your own skin ✨ #positivity #positivevibes #love #motivation #happiness #selflove #inspiration #loveyourself #mindset #life #believe #quotes #goals #instagood #motivationalquotes #success #yourself #instagram #lifestyle #happy #smile #selfcare #bhfyp #fitness #motivational #goodvibes #inspire #inspirationalquotes #quoteoftheday #bhfyp

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The 17-year-old content creator expresses herself freely on social media platforms. She is super creative and natural with her makeup content, videos and her talk show ‘Talks with T‘. This budding creator is young and very ambitious, You will certainly get hooked to how beautiful her feed is!

5. Friyan Navdar and Prerana Patel

This dancing duo is one of our faves!  Friyan and Prerana have been dancing together for 7 years. Together they have a YouTube channel called ‘Moods In Movements‘. We absolutely love how this duo makes some really fun dance covers. They believe in expressing their emotions through dance and creating easy to follow dance moves. We can’t wait to try out their new choreography!

6. Nirmali Nath a.k.a Wanderbug.in

Nirmali a.k.a wanderbug.in followed her dream of travelling by quitting her job and exploring new places. She has successfully completed 1 lac kilometres on her bike, exploring India, Bhutan and Nepal. Her feed is all about her travel expeditions with her motorbike, which is truly very inspirational.

7. Shreya Jain a.k.a Sj.box

Shreya Jain a.k.a Sj.box is a fashion enthusiast, consultant and a blogger for whom content creation comes naturally. Her content is diverse and very unique. So if you are looking for some super fun content and an interesting feed then you definitely need to see hers! What we like about her is that her content is practical and easy to understand.

8. Jasleen Sabharwal 

Jasleen completed her studies at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. Chasing her dreams of experimenting and creating stories with fashion. As a digital creator, her expertise lies in fashion blogging and her feed will make you wanna try out her different looks. If you are all about styling then you should check out her chic content.

9. Subhav Ramnani a.k.a @madaboutmedicine

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Link in bio 🎥

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A medical student and a superb content creator, Subhav strikes a perfect balance and juggles his work like a real pro. His Instagram and YouTube channel are called ‘Mad about medicine’. His content includes ways and tips to study effectively, how to ace medical exams and much more. Subhav motivates every one out there to do what they love.

10. Anuraag Verma

Anuraag is a rising star who is an incredible and relatable comedian. His character sketches are super unique and hilarious. Not only that, but he also has a melodious voice. In the past, his ‘horrible boss’ video generated quite a buzz among people and we still can’t get over how funny it is!

11. Deepali Rathore 

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Bright eyes n soft smile 🌸

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Deepali is a bubbly and dynamic creator who loves to create content. We adore her funny videos, cute pictures and much more. She is enthusiastic about clicking self-portraits and her drive for learning new things is something we love about her.

12. Chinmaya Sharma a.k.a @scuba_chinu

If you love the ocean then you defo need to dive into scuba_chinu’s world. Chinmaya is a scuba diving enthusiast whose content is super cool. The content is all about his diving explorations and experiences. It is all about corals, caves, shipwrecks as well as the mighty sharks. We love how his videos and posts make us aware of the beauty of the expansive underwater world.

13. Shahin Gaur a.k.a @bloom_inggirl

Shahin survived and overcame domestic abuse and societal stigma. Today, she is an amazing blogger who resides in Dubai. Her content is all about beauty, lifestyle and fashion. She is super talented and her content has the potential to make a mark among the audience out there.

This list is full of amazing budding content creators. They have the potential to achieve great wonders, so do check them all out!

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