COVID-19 has put all of us under lockdown, and for most of us, it has become a love lockdown as well. Forging a romantic connection seems impossible when you’re stuck at home! It’s been rather disappointing for many single ladies and we wanted to give them a ray of hope. So, we asked the ladies at Malini’s Girl Tribe on Facebook to tell us about their lockdown love stories and the responses were extraordinary!

Here are some of the best lockdown romances that most of us will be able to relate to:

1. A Romance With Sleep

This one is truly a double-edged sword. During this pandemic, sleep has gone from being a luxury to being commonplace, and we are not complaining one bit. We love sleeping! However, while some have formed an all-new connection with sleep (and LOTS of sleeping in), some have become more distant from it. Thanks to ‘work from home’, sleep has become a long lost lover for many people, and that is just sad.

2. A Romance With Myself

Honestly, this is the absolute best romance to come out of the lockdown. During this pandemic, many of us have rediscovered ourselves, and it is magical. Getting to know and falling in love with yourself is extremely important. It is truly the only key to a lifetime of happiness.

3. A Romance With Baking

If lockdown life was a Netflix movie, it would be, To All The Banana Breads I Have Ever Baked. Lockdown has led to the rise of a new generation of home bakers. Whether it’s bread, cakes, brownies, cookies or even Masterchef-level desserts, home kitchens have seen it all. Social media feeds are full of newly launched home bakeries and we are loving it!

4. A Romance With Junk Food

Food delivery apps have played Cupid in this romance. Our hearts have grown fonder and bellies have become larger, but we are not complaining. Junk food is comfort food, and comfort is all we need in these terrible times. However, if at any time you feel like the relationship is becoming toxic, break up immediately!

5. A Romance With My Laptop

It plays Comicstaan when you want to laugh. It helps you make presentations to impress your boss. It tells you what vegetable you are when you’re bored. A laptop is your constant companion, and it is not surprising that it has become a romantic connection during the lockdown. It literally fulfills your every need, your every wish and every desire! No wonder it’s finding its place in our hearts.

6. A Romance With Household Chores

Love is pain. The pain of chipped nails while washing utensils, pain in the joints while sweeping and the mental pain of never-ending chores. The only silver lining is that it is a great workout.

7. A Romance With Colours And Paints

Connecting to your artistic side over the lockdown is truly magical. Whether it’s making mandalas, oil painting, origami or even the Instagram-famous fluid art. During the lockdown, many art forms have emerged, and they have made us happier and more satisfied. Having a romantic connection with paints and colours is a stress-buster and an absolutely amazing form of self-expression.

8. A Romance With My House

The faster you kick-start this romance, the better it will be for you. COVID-19 is not going anywhere for the next few months at least, and we are definitely not going to be out and about. Learn to love your home because you’re going to be in it…a lot. Love all its curves and all its edges. Love all its perfect imperfections. Because all of you will be living in all of it for a very long time.

How many of these unusual lockdown romances can you relate to? Have you formed other romantic connections we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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