Just over the Dussehra weekend, Mandira Bedi took to her social media to reveal that she and her husband, Rraj Kaushal, along with their son, Vir, had welcomed the newest member into their family of 3, 4-year-old Tara Bedi Kaushal.

She wrote that Tara came into their lives as a blessing on 28th July 2020. She posted a lovely family picture of the four of them and it is all heart!

Have a look:

Now, in an interview with Times Of India, Mandira opened up about how she and her husband have been looking at adopting a child for a long time now. She also shares that they wanted a little older child because they didn’t want a lot of age difference between the child and their 9-year-old son, Vir.

Speaking about their budding sibling relationship, Mandira tells the publication that she calls him ‘Viru Bhaiyya’ and dotes on him, while he treats her like his pesky little sister. She says that he even introduced Tara to his class during an online session and his friends got super excited and wanted to chat with her.
While Tara only knows Jabalpuri for now, Mandira says that she and the family are already home-schooling her and teaching her the English alphabet, numbers, and colours.

The DDLJ actress also shared an anecdote about how her husband first went to the place near Jabalpur and finished all the legal formalities while she and her son took a private jet later on to pick their baby girl, Tara and Rraj up to bring them back to Mumbai.

We are so excited for this adorable family and wish them all the love!