The lockdown hasn’t been easy on any of us. All of us miss going out and hanging out with our friends, don’t we? Fortunately, social media platforms like Instagram have been trying their best to keep us entertained at our homes through their new features. They recently launched Reels and are soon coming up with a new feature called ‘Instagram Rooms‘. With the help of this feature, 4 people can go live at the same time. Not just that, Instagram chose four members of our fave creator group, DamnFam to try out this beta feature. Keep reading to get all the awesome deets about this fun DamnFam reunion that was possible through Instagram Rooms!

DamnFam members are the first ones in the world to try this feature out!

To try out their amazing new feature, Instagram chose Manav Chhabra a.k.a Mr. MNV along with his fellow friends, Aashna Hegde, Arsh Fam and Unnati Malharkar. We got a chance to see all of them together in one frame after so long and we absolutely enjoyed their live. They interacted with their fans, answered their questions and had a gala time with each other. The whole live session was so adorable and was exactly the kind of mini-reunion we did not know we needed so much! Not just that, Manav and his friends were the first ones in this world who got a chance to try this awesome new beta feature by Instagram. We can’t wait to see more of such heart-warming live sessions!

Here’s what Manav had to say about this phenomenal experience,

We are fortunate enough to be chosen for this test. It was such an amazing experience. It didn’t feel beta at all. In fact I am totally in love with this new Room feature and I am eagerly waiting for it to be released for everyone. It’s a matter of pride for DamnFam that we are amongst the first ones to be associated with this feature. Thanking Instagram for trusting us. Kudos.

Well, this live session literally had our heart! After listening to them, we can’t wait to try this feature ourselves! The way the four of them interacted with their fans and answered all their questions really shows how much they care about their audience. What did you think about this historic live session? Tell us in comments below!

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