Move Over Blue Jeans, Grey Denims Are The Newest Trend On The Block

Move Over Blue Jeans, Grey Denims Are The Newest Trend On The Block

Rishika Devnani

When we think denim, our mind often goes to the different colours of indigo. From dark to light washes, we probably own a pair in each of those shades. However, the forgotten out of the lot is the unconventional grey jean. It’s been a while since we paid attention to this neglected member of the denim family. With many styles from the past making a comeback such as the puffed-sleeves and shoulder-pads, grey jeans are next in line. And who better to remind us of this than Hollywood’s style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah recently debuted a casual grey denim look on her Instagram feed which caught everyone’s attention. Not even the MoMA in the background could distract us from the re-introduction of this trend. Grey denim trousers might not be as straight forward to style as the blue wash. They are somewhere in-between the realm of casual and formal. This means you have to plan what you are going to pair with them before throwing them on. Nevertheless, the grey look is a refreshing change from our worn and torn blue denim.

And of course, with Sarah Jessica Parker wearing them now, we need to jump on the bandwagon and get on board with this trend while it’s still hot! Inspired by the fashionistas of Instagram, we have put together some interesting ways to wear grey denim along with the different cuts available.

Have a look at 5 ways you can wear the revived grey jean trend:

1) With A Sweater

Since winter is right here, we could use some smart bottoms to wear our cosy sweaters with. Suyapa Lucy looks comfortable in her high-waisted skinny-legged grey jeans paired with an oversized white knit sweater. The kicks add an element of casual, however, the fitted denim and Prada sling balance the look by lending the look a formal touch. You can also swap the sneakers for some heels if you want to elevate the look. This style works great for a lunch date or day out with the girls!

2) With A Basic Tee

The loose fit has been a hero trend for many of us. It saves us the hassle of having the textile stick to our leg or worry about the buttons popping if we overeat. Luckily, the grey wash comes in a relaxed fit and there are plenty of ways to wear them! Ekaterina Mamaeva sports a high-waisted, loose pair with a simple military green v-neck t-shirt. To add some definition and colour, she accessorises her look with a chestnut brown belt bag. Additionally, ensuring the outfit is not too basic, she has gone for some open-toe block heels in a tan colour that works cohesively with everything. The monochromatic hue paired with these simple colours has a way of making the outfit look refined despite the baggy fit.

3) With A Shirt

Blue denim might not be ideal for the workplace, but grey jeans can surely work. As long as your jeans are not distressed or torn, a straight-leg fit paired with a formal top is a clean look for the office. We love how Marielle has chosen a colourful printed shirt to wear with her grey denim. The soothing colours of the patterns balance the monotonous hue of the bottom. Moreover, the layered jewellery in the form of necklaces, arm candy and rings bring life to the attire. Overall, it is a chic outfit for a work look or even a dinner. The grey denim acts as the stabiliser piece of the entire outfit, neutralising the many trinkets and colours.

4) With Leather

The perfect duo for an edgy look is grey denim and a biker jacket. The palette of the grey wash and darkness of the black sync together perfectly for a rock-chic style. Sarah Tankel Ellis and Philippa Ross keep it simple with a pastel t-shirt tucked into high-waisted, straight-leg grey denim. They layered it over a leather jacket along with leather ankle-boots for an edgy vibe. The use of these light colours offsets the boldness of the leather brought in with the jacket and the boots. All these elements combined together result in a fabulous street-style outfit.

5) As Shorts

We live in a country where it is acceptable to wear shorts all around the year due to the weather conditions. So why not incorporate the grey wash into our denim shorts as well? We have worn the classic blue denim shorts several times and so it is time to switch things up. Caroline Blomst models a paper bag style, grey, denim shorts and plays with the formal and casual components of the attire. She tucks in a basic black t-shirt into the shorts but adds a formal layer via a Chanel handbag and over-sized blazer that sits neatly on her shoulder. Contradicting the formal vibe are the thick sandals as her choice of footwear that dresses down the look. The perfect Sunday OOTD; she manages to look sophisticated whilst being completely carefree at the same time. All thanks to the grey denim shorts. A perfect look to nail for those complicated days!

Are you going to be sporting the grey jeans trend? Let us know in the comments below.

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