Kavita Seth Talks About Being Tabu’s Voice In ‘A Suitable Boy’

Kavita Seth Talks About Being Tabu’s Voice In ‘A Suitable Boy’

Avya Sharma

‘A Suitable Boy‘ recently released on Netflix. The limited series is being widely appreciated since it dropped on the OTT platform and apart from the impeccable performance by the actors, what struck a chord with the audience is Saeeda Bai‘s (played by Tabu) soulful voice. The person behind it is none other than Kavita Seth. A playback singer, composer and director, Kavita – who has to her credit hit songs like Iktara and Tumhi Ho Bandhu – spoke to us about her experience, love for Gazals and much more.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

How was your experience recording gazals for A Suitable Boy?

Absolutely, working with Mira Nair is a dream for an artist. I was overwhelmed to know that she had followed my series- Main Kavita Hoon! We bonded instantly and working with her was an experience in itself. Yes, all the ghazals have been composed and sung by me. I am the music director, composer and singer. I am Saeeda Bai’s voice for A Suitable Boy!

What was your reaction when you were offered to voice Tabu’s voice?

I was ecstatic! Honestly, it was a dream come true for the artist in me. Mira Nair’s project – Voice for Tabu – couldn’t get any better! I’m extremely grateful for this!

Which one is your favourite gazal and why?

It’s always difficult to choose from something you’ve put your heart and soul Into. I like all of them. I would love to know from the listeners now.

What is the creative process of lending your voice to a character like?

My first interaction with Mira Ji and her team began on a Skype call. They gave me a brief and her visualisation of the character, the situation, the poets she wanted me to compose. The best part about working with a director like Mira ji is her clarity of thought. It made the rest of the journey very smooth. Once I got a download of all the scenes, emotions, thoughts, I composed all of the ghazals. I remember an instance where Mira ji wanted something different while we were recording. I re-composed some bits and she loved it and we recorded it.

You started your musical journey in the films with Satish Kaushik’s Vaada. How would you describe your journey from 2005 till now?

Magical. Truly magical. I came to the industry with a unique voice and my dreams. Although I’ve been very picky about the songs I choose to lend my voice to, it’s been absolutely worth it! It needs to touch my heart for me to put my soul into singing it. I’ve got to work with some of the most accomplished music composers in the industry. I’m ever so grateful for that.