Instagram has always been a stress buster and it never fails to entertain us. Not just that, it gives various content creators and influencers an opportunity to create some out of the ordinary and quirky filters. These filters come to our rescue by simply making our lives even more lively! While all of us spend a lot of time of Instagram doing different things, we spend most of our time trying new filters. Every single one is super cool and quirky! Don’t forget to try them all out and share them with your buddies.

Here they are:

1. Monday – Isolation by Jake Sitlani

 Isolation by Jake Sitlani
Isolation by Jake Sitlani

We absolutely love this filter by Jake Sitlani. The name itself is gentle yet quirky reminder to wear masks and maintain social distancing. We loved trying this filter out because it is so relevant during the current world scenario and it makes us look quite bougie!

2. Tuesday – Michu by Somya Gupta a.k.a thesassthing_

Michu by Somya Gupta

Somya’s filter is exactly like her, bright and bubbly! It has cute little elements like stars, hearts and pineapples around the head and that makes this filter so colourful and vibrant. We can’t get over on how adorable it is!

3. Wednesday – Fierce In Fire by Rishabh

Fierce in Fire by Rishabh

Wednesdays are quite fierce as we are struggling with our moods, jobs and the midweek blues are hitting us. This filter is just the perfect solution as it gives us such natural and fresh effect. It is definitely a great way to flaunt that chic no-makeup look.

4. Thursday – Caramel Latte by Alanna Panday

Caramel Latte by Alanna Pandey

Alanna Panday has come up with so many filters and this one has to be our fave one till now. This is your go-to filter if you wish to click that perfect selfie. The subtle shade brown coffee blends so smoothly. We love how it makes our skin glow and gives us an even tone!

5. Friday – Shinymaxu by Anjali Arora

Shinymaxu by Anjali Arora

You can totally shine bright like a diamond with this filter. It adds that extra bling to your picture, which makes you look all dolled up. Love how fresh and glowy our skin looks in this one. This filter will make you look like you are all set fo the weekend!

6. Saturday – Guess The Flag by Aakash Malhotra

Guess the Flag by Aakash Malhotra

Hello, the weekend is here! Since we can’t travel, this filter by Aakash Malhotra will help us find our next post-pandemic travel destination. This filter has flags from all around the world and we need to guess the country it belongs too. It is an innovative filter that will leave you scratching your brain for answers!

7. Sunday – Candy Muse by Sonali Malhotra

Candy Muse by Sonali Malhotra

Sundays are always cheat days! Amirite? As the name suggests, this filter is super peachy and rosy, just like candyfloss. It gives you that extra natural-looking blush. This is a great way to flaunt your Sunday look with an overload of cuteness.

This week was a happy one as we tried and obsessed over these creative and fun filters that our fave influencers have created! We loved each one of them, they were all so perfect for our different moods and we just can’t wait to see more in the future! Tell us which filter was your favourite in the comments below!

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