Writer Surender Mohan Pathak Enraged After Mirzapur Depicts His Novel As Erotica

Writer Surender Mohan Pathak Enraged After Mirzapur Depicts His Novel As Erotica

Avya Sharma

Mirzapur 2 which premiered recently is entangled in another controversy. A few days ago, Mirzapur MP Anupriya Patel called for action against the series for showcasing the city as a violent. And now, Hindi fiction writer Surender Mohan Pathak has accused the makers of Mirzapur of garbling his book Dhabba. In the third episode of the Amazon Prime Video series, Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s character, Satyanand Tripathi is seen reading from Surender’s novel,  is seen reading from the novel Dhabba. However, the writer claimed in a letter to the streaming giant that the lined mentioned are not from his book. He described it as a violation of the Copyright Act and also wrote to the production house, Excel Entertainment, seeking the elimination of the scene.

According to a report by MidDay, the writer was quoted as saying, “I am waiting for their response to my notice. If I don’t hear from them within the stipulated period of one week, I’ll file a case in Delhi High Court against the makers of Mirzapur 2″.

The veteran writer said that he was unaware of the development until his fans and loved ones brought it to his notice. He said—

When the complaints started pouring in, my daughter showed me the scene. The makers added their own filthy, disgusting [lines] as a voiceover and passed it off as the content of my novel, which was published 10 years ago. They used cheap porn to titillate the viewers and to tarnish my image as a well-established mystery writer. In the voiceover, a character named Baldev Raj is mentioned; there is no such character in Dhabba. Many readers, who haven’t read the novel, could get a wrong impression that the author, in his old age, has lost his mind and resorted to writing pornography to gain publicity. I consider it a conspiracy to defame me.