Probably one of the most relatable high-school stories is, you guessed it, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. However, everything that unfolds in the story is probably not as relatable. But the feelings? One hundred per cent! A teenager with multiple crushes, afraid of ever confessing and under-confident who is unaware that she is an example of beauty with brains. And style! Lara Jean Covey isn’t your typical high-schooler who is either dressed down in baggy clothes or is a fashion icon with Chanel suits and Prada bags. Even though Lara Jean isn’t the most popular girl at school or has an It-girl squad, her fashion sense is one for the books! Eccentric, versatile and innovative and three apt adjectives to define the actor’s on-screen style. And better yet, will leave you with a plethora of style cues you can try out using stuff from your wardrobe! Scroll ahead as we decode her style with 4 trends she absolutely swears by.

1. Layering is key to looking like a fashionista

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Lara Jean is that layering your clothes can go a long way. For three main reasons: it’ll show that you actually put the effort in dressing yourself, will have you look put-together and definitely make a statement-making look. Layering your clothes is an easy way to look luxe and rich. Take cues from Lara Jean herself who would almost always layer her clothes. Whether it’s topping a ruffled blouse with a loose flannel shirt or layering a tank top over a polo neck, experimentation is key when it comes to layering.

2. Wear a whole bunch of prints

Notice how Lara Jean‘s style wasn’t just sophisticated but also fun? Thanks to the variety of prints she wore on-screen. Prints are a hassle-free way to inject fun into your outfits, be it floral for a summery vibe, plaid for a more formal look or polka dots for a retro feel. Additionally, it’ll also help you stand out because a good print guarantees a statement-making look.

3. Shoes for all and any occasion

No, Lara Jean isn’t a sneakerhead but her shoe closet mostly consists of a plethora of shoes in a variety of styles. However boots are her go-to. Heeled sneakers to knee-high boots to thigh-high numbers, Lara Jean had a shoe for every occasion and style. Her favourite way to style them? With knee-high socks. They lent that perfect high-school vibe to her look!

4. Colour-block for some fun

Lastly, Lara Jean was a fan of colourful clothes. For someone so fun and versatile with her style, it comes as no surprise that Lara‘s wardrobe would be full of colour. She also does not shy away from wearing more than one colour at a time. Giving our favourite trend—colour-blocking a recurring cameo on-screen. The myriad of colours in her outfits was a no-brainer decision that went just well with her cheery on-screen personality!

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