Dancing is a form of art and it has the ability to beautifully express emotions! In our daily life, we come across so many people who use dance as their medium to stay fit as well as showcase their emotions. It is often said that we must dance like no one is watching. However, we know of some influencers who are such amazing dancers that we can’t help but watch all the time! The dance scene in our country has always been quite lit but these influencers take it to a completely new level. So if you are a dancer or even interested in dance, you have to check out this talented bunch of influencers. Their ability to groove so well completely blows our mind!

Here they are:

1. Sonali Bhadauria

A software engineer-turned-dancer, Sonali is an influencer who decided to quit her job and follow her passion! Today, she is one of the most sought after dancers and has more than 579k followers on Instagram. We absolutely love watching her dance because her movements are so strong and defined. Not just that, she also has her own dance page called Live To Dance, where she encourages people to send in their dance covers of her choreography.

2. Ankit Sati

Ankit Sati is one of the most phenomenal dancers we know! He has a YouTube channel with more than 500k subscribers, where he regularly posts his dance covers. Ankit is widely popular for his swift movements and great footwork. Also, the kind of songs he chooses for his choreography are always so unique and peppy!

3. Team Naach

If you don’t know Team Naach, then you are surely living under a rock! It is the brain baby of the talented duo Nicole Concessao and Sonal Devraj. They are not just popular influencers but also excellent dancers. Their energy-filled Bollywood choreographies and facial expressions have the ability to keep you hooked to their page!

4. Unnati Malharkar

Unnati is a part of a popular creator group called DamnFam and is a mind-blowing dancer. She often collaborates with her teammates and creates some amazing choreography. Moreover, her swag is unmatched, even in a room full of dancers, we wouldn’t be able to take our eyes off her!

5. Sanket Mehta

Looking at Sanket dance is nothing short of a treat to our eyes! He is also a part of the popular group DamnFam and we often see him shaking a leg on popular pop numbers. What we absolutely are about his style is that he is so smooth and effortless with his moves.

6. Aadil Khan

Aadil Khan is one of the most energetic and dynamic content creators, as well as an exceptional dancer! His routines are filled with gusto and are easy to follow. Watching him groove will make you want to get up and dance yourself. For solely this reason, Aadil has thousands of fans who regularly try to learn his fun dance routines.

7. Awez Darbar

Awez is a perfect example of an influencer, dancer and entertainer packed in one body! Apart from creating unique and hilarious videos, he also shows his fans some power-packed dance choreographies every now and then. It’s amazing to see him collaborate with so many different dancers because that adds to his versatility.

8. Anam Darbar

We are certain that Anam is the definition of ‘Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka‘! She is one of the smoothest dancers we know and her easy-going vibe always creates magic on the floor. Her videos are always fun to watch because they are not too complex yet full of energy!

9. Zaid Darbar

Looks like dance runs in the Darbar blood, isn’t it? Apart from being a superb influencer and actor, Zaid is also widely popular for his dancing skills. We are big fans of his chill routines, they are so appealing to the eye and makes you wanna get up and start grooving. Also, how amazing are his dance videos with Gauhar Khan? Their on-screen chemistry has us swooning!

10. Nagma Mirajkar

Nagma surely knows how to set the dance floor on fire! She frequently posts her dance videos on Instagram and has 3.3 million followers. While we absolutely love watching her dance on any song with anyone, our fave videos have to be the ones where she collaborates with Awez! Their power-packed routines and lovely energy create all the magic.

11. Proneeta Swargiary

Proneeta looks nothing short of a diva, doesn’t she? As a winner of a reality dance show, she is super confident with her moves and her styling is always on point! Apart from being a talented dancer, she also creates relatable videos and fun vlogs on her YouTube channel.

12. Poonam & Priyanka

Poonam and Priyanka are twin sisters who are ready to take the world of dancing by storm! They are popular Indian-American influencers and are phenomenal dancers. They often receive an overwhelmingly positive response for their fusion choreographies. Not just that, they are also famous for their stunning performances in the reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and their Bollywood debut in the film ‘Manmarziyaan‘.

These set of influencers have stolen our hearts with their amazing talent and we can’t wait to watch more of their videos. Which creator out of this list would you love to share the stage with? We would love to know in comments below!

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