Music is a language for the soul! Whenever we feel any kind of emotion we tend to resort to music as it always manages to calm our nerves. What we absolutely love is that different songs bring so many people together and becomes a medium for new conversations. Initially, we only saw musicians, singers and Bollywood celebrities creating music. However, these days, more and more influencers are coming ahead and blowing us away with their soulful voice. Apart from creating some mind-blowing content, time and again, our fave influencers have shook us with their music. If you are looking to enrich your soul with some mesmerising voices, then check out these influencers now!

Here they are:

1. Bhuvan Bam

A couple of months ago Bhuvan came out with his own single called ‘Heer Ranjha‘ and it absolutely blew our mind! He wrote, composed and sang the track all by himself, isn’t that amazing? Even though it has been a while since this track came out, we still keep jamming to it every now and then.

2. Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane

Who else thinks that Prajakta is a wizard who has the super-power of being awesome at everything she does? We sure do! She is not just a phenomenal content creator but also a mind-blowing actor and singer. We already know she plays the ukulele like a boss but it’s her soulful voice that blows us away! We keep coming back to this post solely to listen to her sing.

3. Shirley Setia

Shirley Setia is a gem that this world didn’t know it needed! She is an awesome content creator, actor and singer. Her covers on famous Bollywood numbers are so soothing that you will literally get hooked to her voice. Watching her play the ukulele and freestyle with music can make brighten your day up in one second!

4. Sejal Kumar

Can we take a moment and appreciate Sejal’s late-night karaoke sessions? She is one influencer who is so passionate about her craft that end result of her work always looks seamless and beautiful! We still go back and listen to ‘Aisi Hun‘, the track she sang for ‘Creators For Change‘ because it is so meaningful and heart-warming. Also, she keeps making covers on her YouTube channel so if you aren’t checking those out, you are surely missing out!

5. Tanzeel Khan

Tanzeel is a part of the popular creator group called DamnFam and his speciality lies in creating music that will resonate with you on so many levels. Umeed, Befikar, Dilli Ki Ladki are a few songs that he has sung and swept everyone away with his voice. All of his music videos have garnered immense popularity, purely because of his voice. His adorable personality is just an added bonus!

6. Aashna Hegde

Befikar’ is a really special track because it showed the world that Aashna has the voice of an angel! She is also a part of DamnFam and this song marked her debut as a singer. Everything about this music video is beautiful, it has scenic visuals, great storyline and soulful vocals. We can’t wait for Aashna to come out with more songs super soon!

7.  Jannat Zubair

We all know that Jannat is not just a sensational content creator but also a phenomenal singer. We are still gushing over how amazing her live performance was at the Epic Fam Jam! Not just that, she is also coming up with a new platform called JZ music to give upcoming composers, singers and lyricists a platform to showcase their talent.

8. Avneet Kaur

We all know Avneet for her unique content and her amazing role in the daily soap ‘Aladdin’. However, only a few people know that she is also a gifted singer. When she sang a cover for ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love You‘ and posted it on her YouTube channel, we knew we needed more videos of her singing. Not just that, she also sang ‘The Moon Song‘ without any professional equipment or instruments and absolutely nailed it. That’s some great talent right here, isn’t it?

9. Angry Prash

As the name suggests, Angry Prash is a unique content creator, who knows how to keep you intrigued with his out-of-the-box ideas. He recently released a track called ‘Rap Ka Baap‘, which is so quirky and chill that you might get hooked to it in no time. Also, he did not just feature in the music video, he also came up with the lyrics for it. We can instantly connect with up-beat tracks such as this!

10. Shashank Sanghvi

What we love about Shashank is that he is always trying to do something new! As someone who is passionate about music, he has come up with his own IGTV series called #SingWithShash. During these sessions, he creates soulful covers of some popular songs and shares it with his audience. We are living for these casual and chill karaoke videos!

Well, here’s everyone we think y’all should absolutely listen to! These content creators have ventured out of their line of work and have managed to create such stunning and soulful pieces of music and if that’s not amazing, we don’t know what is! Which creator out of this list is your fave singer? Tell us in comments below!

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