We believe we have created something here that is genuinely changing lives, even in the smallest gestures, a little love goes a long way. Scroll down to read some of the top reasons why we love the Tribe!

1. 50k Women = 50k Connections

Malini Agarwal with Malini's Girl Tribe and Team MissMalini
Malini Agarwal with Malini’s Girl Tribe and Team MissMalini

What started as a humble group of 50 members has now organically grown to be 50k strong, and continues to grow. It’s a testament to the Tribe‘s ability to create a safe, positive, judgment-free space for all, enabling women from everywhere to feel heard, accepted, understood and loved. It’s a testament to their ability to have real conversations, to empower one another, and to show that online spaces can be built on the values of empathy, love, and kindness. Boss Lady Malini often says, “If positivity were a currency, then what’s your worth?” In our Tribe‘s case, we can safely say that we are all millionaires.

2. Meaningful Conversations

Mom & Me | The Girl Tribe Tea at Caffe Ritazza
Mom & Me | The Girl Tribe Tea at Caffe Ritazza

Over the last couple of years, this humble Facebook community organically has grown to become a melting pot of honest opinions, different ideas and heartfelt advice. Women from all over the world are empowering other women, allowing them to be each other’s support system, and enabling them to be their truest self.

It is not just a platform where women can connect and communicate, it’s also a safe space where they can help each other overcome unimaginable hardships of life, and build each other to become stronger and more independent individuals. Honesty, love, optimism, positivity, empathy and kindness are emotions this community thrives on. Within the Tribe, everything that puts a question mark or a full stop in a woman’s life turns into a deep, meaningful conversation, and helps her find a way to break free from societal norms.

3. Fun Events And Experiences

MGT's One Year Anniversary - BRAVE
MGT’s One Year Anniversary – BRAVE

Now, when something as rich and wholesome as Malini’s Girl Tribe hosts events and experiences, they’re bound to be fun and one-of-a-kind! Over the last couple of years, we’ve hosted wonderful events like BRAVE, AKA Breakfast Rave, Swapathon, Mother’s Day special Mom & Me, Women’s Day special Girl Tribe Talent Show, and more! During the COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve hosted Virtual Happy Hours with Rahul Khanna, Gauahar Khan, and Malaika Arora amongst others, complete with conversations, laughter and games with the Tribe‘s favourite celebs. We have also hosted a Galentine’s Getaway at Forest Hills Tala, Girl Tribe Red Carpet with Masaba Gupta, Girl Tribe Gig with Raja Kumari, etc. These experiences are only bound to grow as the Tribe grows!

4. Access To Experts

Malini Agarwal and Krésha Bajaj at the Facebook office in Mumbai
Malini Agarwal and Krésha Bajaj at the Facebook office in Mumbai

The Tribe often has queries related to skincare, nutrition, health-related issues, styling, etc. To help them get expert-backed advice, ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions, Girl Tribe Masterclasses and #RealTalk webinars are hosted regularly on the Facebook group. Here, members can ask questions and get their queries answered by experts right away!

5. Contests And Giveaways

MGT's contest with W Goa
MGT’s contest with W Goa

Each week, special contests and giveaways are curated exclusively for the Tribe. In the past, we’ve had a stay for two at W Goa, a week’s rejuvenation getaway at Atmantan Wellness Resort in Pune, and cosmetics from brands like NYX, Kay Beauty, PAC Cosmetics and more!

6. GT Merchandise

Malini Agarwal with GT doodle diaries
Malini Agarwal with GT doodle diaries

We have created some amazing Girl Tribe merchandise—stickers and doodle diaries—and this is just the start. We hope to create more fun products for the Tribe like face masks, charm bracelets, phone covers, pop sockets and more!

7. Girl Tribe Crew

Malini Agarwal and Malini's Girl Tribe crew
Malini Agarwal and Malini’s Girl Tribe crew

It takes a lot of unconditional love and care to keep so many people close, healthy and happy (not to mention entertained and inspired)—just like a family. Team MissMalini works literally day and night to do this. Often having to deal with some very triggering situations at all odd hours of the day (including weekends). It’s done from a place of love and that is what makes them all so very special. The team really goes above and beyond to organise experiences the Tribe will love, craft content they will enjoy and find useful, and show up online, or in-person with a smile on their face and good vibes in their hearts, every single time!They have made this group a place for comfortable exchanges and show us how girls truly do run the world—with so much positivity, empathy, and kindness.

8. Girl Tribe App

One of the most regular feedback we get from our Tribe is the desire to do more as a community. For example, ways to feature more discussions in the main feed, ways to better highlight some of the amazing Girl-Boss-run businesses, more fun and unique ways to express your feelings and the incredible positivity that makes Girl Tribe so special. We heard you. And we know we have so much more to offer each other. So guess what? We’re launching our very own Girl Tribe app!

So, happy 50,000 Tribe! Here’s to 50,000 more (and more and more and more) till everyone you meet on the street has a little Tribe girl twinkle in their eye and a song in their heart.

We would love to hear your experiences with the Tribe in the comments below. A post that struck a chord, a comment that filled your heart. Today is a great day for throwing around love and positivity with reckless abandon. Let’s play Holi with it!

Are you a part of the Tribe yet? Come join our ever-growing community here!